9 Self Defense Weapons You Can Carry in Your Purse

9 Self Defense Weapons You Can Carry in Your Purse

BEST Self Defense Weapons For Your Purse

(Don't Be A Victim, Protect Yourself Today! )

The best self-defense weapons are ones that cannot be taken away from the carrier. Self-defense tools or weapons designed to take the assailant down will require being close enough, so you'll need both hands free to use them effectively. 


Here are 9 Self Defense Weapons You Can Carry in Your Purse:

Rescue Knife

The rescue knife is a blade, which is usually geared more towards self-defense. These blades are typically 3-4 inches in length and made from stainless steel or titanium alloy that will not fail, break, bend or corrode due to the environment it's used in.

Many people carry knives for either fear of being attacked by someone with a weapon or out of daily necessity if they are working outside the house. Reports of disability attacks may further propel these safety concerns. A regular knife can be easily turned into a defensive weapon with its design capabilities. Still, fighting skills are required in differentiating the two situations in determining when to use it as one versus the other.

Self Defense Ring

A Self-Defense Ring is a finger ring (key ring) encircling the finger which employs an electronic pulse to incapacitate assailants temporarily by interfering with their neurotransmitter signals.

A ring blade, also known as a "Self Defense Ring," is a specialized cutting device primarily designed for military personnel to protect them from hand-to-hand combat. The ring blade design may vary depending on the user's preferences. Traditional self-defense rings are made of 8Cr13MoV stainless steel and measure around one inch in width at their widest point, which translates into this product being legal in most places worldwide. 

Many customers have reviewed our ring blades with great words of praise for their sharpness and lightweight design. Other customers have stated that they liked these weapons because of how user-friendly they are, so it doesn't take much time to learn how to use them effectively.

Taser or Stun Gun

When defending oneself during a disturbance, there is little doubt that a Stun-Gun provides the most reliable and safest solution. The Shockwave unit remains the first and only type of self-defense weapon (self-defense products) on the market specifically designed for women scared to carry lethal weapons or wrestle with attackers.

A Taser emits three probes to create an arching electrical current where one search catches onto another so as not to miss any targets. But realistically, if someone is determined enough -even without armor-, they will likely penetrate our devices before we penetrate them with high voltage electric currents. Tasers operate by releasing two electrodes that can be fired from short range, often within 10 feet away, and transfer over 3000 volts of electricity.

Tactile Pen

Tactile Pens are effective self-defense weapon that you can use in any situation to fight off an attacker by using the pen as a stabbing weapon.

Made of durable stainless steel, these tactical pen is designed for military personnel but are great for anyone who needs to be prepared for self-defense. These pens have features like a clip on the top of the cell or under it so that your fingers are always close if you need to grab it fast. It also has a glass breaker that helps aid in emergencies if someone tries to break into your car, house, or office while you're away.


The whistle is a potent self-defense weapon. It can be used as a signaling device to disorient an attacker or against an attacking dog. The sound of the whistle swings back and forth between two notes, with one frequency slightly more significant than the other. 

If you want to protect yourself from a human attacker, use the high-pitched frequency that will be heard at close ranges but not so much from farther away. If you want to protect yourself from a dog attack, use the louder lower-pitched tone because it is detectable by most dogs up to half a mile away. Pump your arm as you blow on the whistle for more strength behind it and swing it around in various directions

Pepper Spray or Gel

Pepper spray causes painful irritation to the eyes and respiratory tract, temporarily disabling an aggressor. Using pepper spray on a more protected target may require a second dose due to water running on faces or usage of goggles or respirators. The gel is also unique because they do not have drawbacks like canisters that can be knocked out of your possession or foggers that create a sensation of burning eyes.

Whether it be pepper sprays or gel are an excellent tool for those who want to carry something discreetly as they traverse through their day. It's also highly effective as it can incapacitate an attacker and help separate them from their weapons and stop physical assaults with ease. 

Lipstick Stun Gun

Lipstick stun guns are one of the best self-defense weapons for women because they couldn't be easier to take out and conceal. You'll never really notice it's there, but you'll know, if need be, that it could save your life. The Lipstick stun gun has an LED red laser sight for precision targeting and is easy to operate. It can be used as melee or ranged weapons. When threatened, simply squeeze the top of the handle (the bottom will glow red) and touch your target for five seconds with its metal prongs, which also serve as contact points - that's all it takes for this product to disable an assailant quickly. 

The weapon is not far from a regular lipstick and looks basic enough to fit into pockets, purses, etc. It requires frequent charging of batteries before it can be deployed in an emergency. Purchasing online does guarantee the quality of the product, but some tests have been conducted with good results from them. The user must get up close and personal against an attacker to use the device because it won't work less than 10 feet away! Of course, this could put you in danger, so proceed with caution if an attacker is too near sea level! A lot of women also like using this as a form of protection.


A whistle is most commonly used as a self-defense weapon that can be either heard or seen. When someone uses a whistle to scare off an attacker, it intensifies the situation for the potential offender. The noise is usually enough to make an aggressor's heart start racing and their adrenaline pumping, which alerts police looking for objects with high activity levels.

As well as being self-defense weapons, they are often used in sports games where they may also be called "whistles" or "referees' whistles." Referees typically use them to signal fouls and other breaches of the rules being observed during play. 

Self-Defense Cap

The self-defense cap, also called a "jab hat" or "capacitor hat," is a non-lethal weapon intended to protect its wearer from attackers. The self-defense device consists of battery-powered electrodes that emit an electric shock upon contact with another person's arm or hand. It incapacitates an assailant by inducing involuntary muscular contraction and resulting in a lingering pain due to residual electricity refluxing the body before dissipating entirely. Using this tool for personal defense purposes may be illegal as it could be seen as a variation of TASERs weapons under California law enforcement.

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