The most Vulnerable Spots to Fight Back with your Tactical Pen

The most Vulnerable Spots to Fight Back with your Tactical Pen
The world is no longer safe. There's bad people out there, with bad intentions, and the buck stops with you when it comes to self defense. You've got to be able to protect yourself, and have the weapons you need, at all times, to keep yourself safe. But that's just it. There's places where you can't take your firearm. Or your pepper spray. Heck, even a knife. And that's where the StrikePen comes in. It's one of the most effective self-defensive tools you can keep in your arsenal, because it hides in plain sight. You can take it with you, almost all the time. Which is great, because when you use your StrikePen to target the most vulnerable parts of your attacker, you can take down even the largest opponents. I'll say that again. Target these vulnerable spots in your attacker, and you'll get the edge in a fight, do serious damage to your opponent, and create an opportunity to escape. Just remember. These are highly effective techniques that can result in a lethal amount of damage. Only ever use them if you're in a situation where your life is in real danger, and make sure you can live with any consequences. But before we get too far into it, I need to reiterate the most important part. You always need to keep your StrikePen handy. It'll do you no good if it's rolling around in the bottom of your backpack or forgotten in the glove compartment of your car. Clip it into your pocket, so you can draw it and be ready to strike with only a moment's notice. Tie a lanyard on and have it hanging out of your purse so you can grab it in a second. Take any longer than this to arm yourself, and you'll lose any advantage the weapon would give you in a fight.

The right way to hold your StrikePen

Personally, I prefer to use a reverse-grip technique when holding my StrikePen. It feels a lot more secure in my grip, it allows me to put a little more power into each attack, and I know I can hang onto it should my opponent try to wrestle it from my grip. Simply lay the Strikepen along the base of your fingers, within your palm. I position it so the spike extends down past my little finger, then close my fist tight around the pen. My thumb caps off the end, which also adds to the strength of your grip, locking it in place so it doesn't slip when you strike your opponent. Then it's just a matter of swinging your arm much like you'd swing a hammer, bringing it down in a fast and powerful stabbing motion to hit your opponent. All of the vulnerable spots I cover today can be targeted with this grip technique.

Aim for the neck

Winning a fight is about doing the maximum amount of damage possible, in the shortest amount of time. One of my favorite self defense moves is to target the neck, because it'll cut off your opponents ability to breathe, which puts them down for the count. They can't fight back if they can't breathe. There's two key spots to target. If you've got an opening to strike directly at their neck, aim for the windpipe. The area you want to target is a small depression that sits just above their Adam's apple. Hit here, and their windpipe will swell and close, giving you the perfect opportunity to escape. If you can't strike directly there's a pressure point you can target, which is extremely vulnerable. It runs down either side of the neck, from the base of the jaw and down to their heart. It's known as the Vagus nerve, which harbors one of the biggest concentration of nerves in the entire body, and serves as a direct connection from the heart to the brain. Land a strike here, and they'll go down. Now these techniques do require a little accuracy, but that's not the best part about targeting the neck. It's such a sensitive spot, that even if you miss, if you hit your attackers neck with any amount of force, you're going to do a large amount of damage, giving you the opportunity for a follow-up strike, or even just to escape.

Aim for the head

If the opportunity presents itself, the StrikePen is almost perfectly designed to target the temple. On their head the temple is the thinnest part of the entire skull, but beneath it runs the temporal artery, one of the main sources delivering blood to the brain. To locate the temple you want to aim for the flat spot on either side of your attackers head, that sits between their eyes and their hairline. Land a strike here and you'll generate a quick knockout, and if you hit hard enough it may even be a fatal blow.

Aim for the eyes

When all else fails one of the most delicate things in your entire body are your eyes. And that's not even the best news. If you do even a little bit of damage they'll tear up, be blinded temporarily, and you'll have the perfect chance to escape whatever situation you're in. So gouge, poke, scratch and strike at their eyes. A direct hit from the StrikePen will do a massive amount of damage, which could even be permanent. It's a great area to aim for when you've got no other choice, just make sure you're only ever attacking here if you truly fear for your life. Just because you're not armed with your firearm, it doesn't mean you need to become a victim. There's plenty of ways you can fight back, especially when you're armed with the StrikePen. The key is to simply know where to target, and to fight back and aim for these vulnerable areas with all of the strength you have. That's how you're going to win the fight, and keep yourself safe.

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