Using your Smartphone to Protect your Home

Using your Smartphone to Protect your Home
Advances in technology are giving survivalists many more tools in their arsenal to protect and defend their homes and families. Mobile phones today are so advance they're no longer just smart, but they give you access to tools that can simplify and better secure your life. Now when I start imagining a home security system, cumbersome, clunky and a huge expense to have a specialist come and install this expensive contraption into my home is what immediately comes to mind. The security systems on the market today however, have revolutionized the industry. Wireless devices which sync to your smartphone enable anyone to better secure their life. Here's how.

Live image feed

Connecting your security cameras to your phone turns the device into a system which you can check, at any time, for a live image of what's going on at your home. Perhaps you're out the back and you want to check who has just come to the front door, or you're at work and want to see how the people inside your home, like the babysitter, are doing. This ability to ‘check in’ at your convenience is one of the main reasons I have just upgraded all of my home security to a smartphone-enabled system. For the peace of mind.

Instantaneous alerts

Should anything happen at your home, anything at all, you'll get a notification. Perhaps you left a light on, or your front door unlocked, your app will tell you. Of course, you may need to adjust the sensitivity of these notifications if too many false alarms are coming in, but the real value here is as soon as something unusual is found, you'll know about it. Perhaps a gate or window is opened unexpectedly, or is even just being rattled to see if it's unlocked. Getting advance warning can help you to prepare to face an intruder, or simply know what's going on at your home when you're not there.

Respond as if you're home

Connecting your intercom to your phone gives you the ability to act as if you're home, even when you're not. Perhaps your doorbell is rung, as an opportunistic burglar has seen you leave the house and is now casing your home. Being able to respond, turn on any lights, and act as if you're there, on the other side of the door, will deter many criminals who are searching for an easy target.

Remotely manage your security

One of my favorite benefits now I have my security system installed is the ability to control everything remotely. I can arm or disarm everything via my smartphone, which means I don't need to leave the house vulnerable with the keys under the doormat should a serviceman be coming around when I'm at work, I can simply disarm the system when they arrive, and even unlock the front door for them. Plus, I can keep tabs on what they're doing in my house, making sure they're not up to anything dodgy either.

Gives you total control

In addition to remotely managing the security, there's almost no end to the way you can pair your smartphone to your home. Being able to unlock the front door for guests is great, but you can also use your phone to switch on any lights, (as well as the thermostat) to ensure you've got a bright and cozy home to return to after a late night working in the office. Plus it adds to the appearance that people are actually in your home, with just the click of a button.

Secures restricted areas

Motion sensors are another fantastic feature, which can be fitted to particular areas in your home which you don't want your family to access. Perhaps you've got a gun cupboard or a drawer full of chemicals that could do serious harm to young children, fitting a sensor to either of these will alert you as soon as one of these ‘off-limits’ areas is disturbed. You'll know as soon as one of your kids is doing something they're not supposed to, giving you the time to react before a potential tragedy occurs.

Everyone can connect

Being able to connect multiple smartphones to your home security system is a fantastic feature, because it means that everyone in your family can keep tabs on what's happening at home. Let's imagine that you're stuck in a meeting and haven't noticed the notifications on your phone, while at the same time an intruder has broken in and your kids are en route after school. Connecting their phones means they'll see the disturbance, and can alert the police and avoid walking into a dangerous situation unaware.

Records unusual motion

Most apps will allow you to record and capture any images you deem important, and can be configured to automatically start capturing images and video as soon as a disturbance is detected. The feed is then stored in the cloud, so even if the intruder destroys your home computer and all of the cameras, the footage will remain and you'll have the evidence the police will need to help identify and catch the person who broke into your home.

Alert the police

If you've got someone in your home, many of the security systems can be connected directly to the police, giving them additional information and speeding up their ability to react. The faster the police can get to your property, the higher the chance the intruder will be caught red-handed. This not only helps prevent crime in your home, but makes your neighborhood a safer place, especially if your neighbors are all using similar systems.

Keep tabs on your loved ones

Another great security benefit of the smartphone is the ability to keep tabs on your family members. Enabling GPS tracking in their phones means I can ensure my kids get to school safely without having to drop them at the gate myself, or if a crisis does strike I'll be able to pinpoint exactly where they are, should the situation keep them from returning home safely. This is a feature I hope I never have to use, but it's a backup plan that's very important, just in case. Smartphones have dramatically changed the way we manage our lives, providing so many more opportunities to simply keeping up with the latest on Facebook. Use your phone to stay connected to your home and family, and you'll be better able to protect both, whatever may come.

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