Have you Stocked these Items?

Have you Stocked these Items?
There’s an almost endless set of recommendations for things you should do to prepare for the SHTF, but we did a little research this last week and found an all-too-common problem. Most of the articles out there for beginner preppers focus on storing a year’s supply of ‘food and water,’ or tell you to buy ammunition, beans and gasoline in bulk, without many more details than this. I don’t know about you, but when the grid goes down, I’m planning to do more than just survive, so today we’re going to cover a number of items that aren’t typically mentioned on the prepper lists. Of course, this isn’t comprehensive by any means, but they’re the additional preps I have taken to ensure that my family is going to enjoy their time at the end of the world (well, as much as they can), as all of these are easy items to get your hands on now. When everything goes to hell, it’s not going to be as easy, so include all of these in your planning.

Keep your equipment running

Of course you’ve got a ton of gasoline for your generators, but what about the oils and lubricants you need to keep them running? How about spare parts? If your survival plans hinge on any piece of equipment, you need to ensure you’ve got at least the basics required to keep it running. The same goes for your car, do you have brake fluid and coolant stocked? What about spare tires, a new air filter, a replacement fan belt or even a set of jumper cables? All of these types of items you need to prepare now, so you really are self-sustainable once an emergency hits.

Cleaning your firearms

In addition to the shelves stocked full of ammunition, have you got all of the cleaning equipment you need for your extensive gun collection? Personally, I believe this cleaning gear is even more important than extra bullets, because without proper maintenance your gun is going to be useless anyway. Have gun-cleaner, lubricants and cleaning patches in bulk, as well as bore and chamber brushes and hard-copy versions of the owner’s manual for every gun you plan to use.

Secondary transport

When the grid goes down you’ll thank us for recommending you get this human-powered piece of equipment, which allows you to be fast and quiet when you need to get around. But not only your bike, make sure you’ve got spare inner tubes and repair kits, new chains as well as oil, and a hefty lock to prevent anyone walking off with your bike and you’re good to go.

Disaster proof containers

Of course we can never predict when disaster strikes, but think about what would happen if your house is flooded or burns to the ground. Would there be anything inside you would miss? If so, get a fire and waterproof container to store these items in, and you can be sure that it’ll survive whatever comes, along with what you’re keeping inside.

Basic hygiene

Guys, if you’re prepping for your family this is an important one not to miss. Stock up on feminine hygiene products, because while you could probably improvise these, it’s far simpler to buy a couple of cases of pads or tampons in bulk and you’ve got them no matter what. While we’re on this topic think about laundry detergent and sponges, as well as deodorant and your toothbrush, all of these consumables will wear out and need replacing, so have ample supply. Finally, buy a portable toilet. It will probably sit unused for most of its life, but if you’re ever in a situation where the sewers stop flowing, this little device will be a lifesaver.

Your tools and shed

Forget all of the motorized nonsense, and invest in a high-quality set of hand-tools, just like your grandpa had. They’re almost indestructible, and when looked after will enable you to perform almost any job (although with a tad more effort). Handsaws, a decent workbench, clamps, hammers and all of the bolts, nails, and assortment of wood you may need to repair or build whatever you need. On this same note, think about what your garden needs to continue producing food. Stock up on any fertilizer, seeds, and have all of the shovels, wheelbarrows, rakes and miscellaneous items like bird-proof nets and stakes and twine to keep your garden functional.

Backup solar power

Transitioning your home to solar power is expensive, and even basic systems will set you back around $10,000. If this isn’t in your budget, there are kits that go for just a few hundred dollars that enable you to harness the power of the sun and charge any electronics you need. Of course, one of these isn’t going to be able to run your TV, but you’ll be able to keep your phone and laptop charged, allowing you to stay connected.

Hard copies and entertainment

Nearly every piece of knowledge we access these days is online, from the internet or even your library that is now sitting on your kindle. But what happens when the powers out, and there is no more internet, or your laptop’s been fried from a power surge. At the most basic level, you need the guides and resources to see you through, and your library should contain books on a range of topics, from gardening to home maintenance, as well as more general survival guides. Detailed maps of your local area should be in here too, especially covering the area between your home and your bug out location, and never forget entertainment. Have enough books, board games, card games and entertainment items for the kids like crayons, paper and coloring books, to keep boredom at bay.

Louse and vermin killers

Once the water stops running and the garbage begins to pile up on the streets, things in your neighborhood are going to get funky. You’re going to need to combat a rising amount of pests and vermin in your area, so stock up on insecticides that kill fleas and lice in your home, the poisons to keep roaches from invading your kitchen, and the baits you need to control any rodents from deciding your home is their new home.

Good quality boots

This one is a personal luxury, as while you can never have enough equipment or supplies, in my opinion good leather boots are worth their weight in gold. Find good, steel capped boots that are able to withstand whatever abuse you throw at them, and last a long time, then invest in multiple pairs. When you’re on your feet all day, especially when you’re hiking, you need the right footwear. None of these items are actually critical for keeping you alive, but actually having them on hand is going to make your life so much better when the SHTF, you’re going to thank us for getting them organized. So do yourself a favor, over the next month start procuring all of these items as they may just prove impossible to find once a disaster strikes.

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