What to Know Before Buying a Tactical Strike Pen?

What to Know Before Buying a Tactical Strike Pen

A tactical strike pen is a type of pen that can strike an assailant with the force of a small blow. It is typically used as self-defense, but strike pens are also popular among military personnel and law enforcement officials. Strike pens come in many different shapes and sizes, so it's important to know what you're looking for before buying one. This blog post will help you learn more about strike pens, including their uses and how to choose the right strike pen for your needs.

What is a Tactical Strike Pen?

The Strikepen may be unfamiliar to many, but it should be on everyone's attention. In dire scenarios, the Strikepen is a protection item deployed. It appears to be a regular pen from the outside. But there's a lot more going on inside than meets the eye. The fact that it is light and compact is only the beginning. The best tactical pen conceals equipment that can save a life in an emergency and is useful to survive natural disasters.

Ape Survival, the company that created tactical Strike pen, is currently giving away this pen for free. But, of course, the pen is entirely free since the manufacturer attempts to spread the word about this incredible tool. The Strikepen is an excellent alternative to a gun for folks who require a self-defense tool.

Where Did They Come From?

Tactical pens can be traced back to Soke Takayuki Kubota, a Japanese man who designed an EDC survival keychain weapon in the 1960s. The weapon was dubbed a Kubotan by him. It was a pen-shaped item that could be readily attached to a keychain to provide you with a concealed weapon in an emergency. The Kubotan had many finger grips running the length of the cylinder and a flat end on one side (for use as a keychain) and a sharp, dull point on the other. The Kubotan, in the hands of the appropriate user, has the potential to cause significant harm.

Self-defense tactical pen are now a standard concealed weapon carried by people worldwide. It fits comfortably into a pocket or keychain with other essentials like your phone. With a few minutes of impromptu YouTube study, you can discover strategies to incapacitate an assailant. The military men of the past inspired the tactical pen of today.

Why are Tactical Pens so Popular?

Today, there are developing survivalist communities on the internet. Survivalists are among the most enthusiastic users of tactical pens. On the other hand, tactical pens are acquired by anyone interested in self-defense, such as individuals who reside in dangerous areas and the military.

These pens are also popular among those who regularly need to enter regulated locations, such as airports. Conventional weapons, such as knives or even a Kubotan, are prohibited in certain instances.

However, the main reason tactical pens and similar items are so popular on the internet these days is that they're reasonably priced others have a led flashlight and bottle opener than an ordinary pen. Cheaper production costs, lower supply prices, and accessible global shipping have allowed anyone to acquire a powerful, machined military pen online for as little as $20-$40.

Why do you need a Tactical Pen?

A tactical pen is first and foremost used for self-defense as an alternative to carrying blades. The cell is intended to be used when traditional weaponry, such as self-defense tools like knives or a Kubotan, would be ineffective. It's made to pierce and injure, as well as puncture and incapacitate.

To wield a tactical pen, you don't have to be a martial arts master: when utilized by a skilled user, a tactical pen can be a devastating – even lethal – weapon. On the other hand, a tactical pen can still cause harm when wielded by someone who isn't well-trained.

These aren't simply self-defense weapons, though. Tactical pens can also be used as portable window glass breakers. Some individuals keep them in their vehicle's glove compartment, for example, in case of an emergency. Some of them even have DNA gathering capabilities!

Is it Legal to Carry a Tactical Pen?

Without a doubt! There is no need to be concerned because it is entirely legal in every state in the United States. This is why, to keep their minds at peace while traveling, so many Americans are resorting to rugged from a strike pen review, self-defense survival gear. Although there has been considerable debate over taking the pens past airport security, they are legal. TSA restrictions for tactical pens can be found here.

Know how to use your Tactical Pen

If you have a tactical pen, you should know how to use it in the event of an attack. Evening self-defense courses are available through your local martial arts organization, and some even teach methods that use these skills. A brief search on Youtube will, at the very least, throw up some videos detailing the techniques. Several well-known martial arts influencers offer great instructional videos for free as a public service. While you're looking for a decent set of training tactics that speak to you, here's a list of helpful hints to get the most out of your tactical pen. Nonetheless, it will always be safer than employing blades for self-defense.

Know Where on the Body to Strike

A tactical pen can be used to strike anybody region; however, unlike knives, strikes in specific areas are more effective than strikes in other areas. Look for opportunities to attack the head's eyes, ears, nose, and throat. Strike the base of the neck, the armpit, the sternum, or the ribs on the upper torso. Strike the knuckles or the back of the hand if you can do so. A hit to the solar plexus has a lot of power. The groin, knee, and thigh are three lower body hits that are very effective.

Any sensitive area will be impacted if you use the tactical pen as a bludgeon. When struck with a blunt item, the knees, groins, and even the insteps of the feet are extremely sensitive. Therefore, the most impact will come from striking these locations repeatedly and with as much power as you can muster.

It is Still a Pen

Of course, you may use your tactical pen as a writing pen as well as a world-class defender. In addition, you'll never run out of ink with most tactical pens because they can be replenished with widely available ink cartridges. Utilizing your tactical pen as your everyday pen is an excellent method to ensure that you never run out of it if you ever need it for survival.

Purchasing a tactical pen is an excellent first step in defending yourself in the event of an assault. However, having a plan in place if you need it will ensure that it is as successful as possible.

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