What is Tactical Gear?

What is Tactical Gear?

Tactical gear is survival gear that is specifically designed for military and law enforcement personnel. It includes anything from knives to survival tools like shelters, water filtration systems, and navigation equipment. One of the most important considerations when purchasing survival gear is the quality of the materials it's made with. There are many different types of metals used in survival situations, but some are stronger than others depending on their properties.

What is important for SHTF survival?

As a survivalist, your goal is to prepare for most SHTF scenarios, whether manufactured or caused by Mother Nature.

Only when you know what SHTF survival scenarios you're planning for will you be able to prepare accordingly. There are, however, specific general recommendations that may be applied to the majority of SHTF scenarios. First, however, to behave appropriately, you must be prepared. "A good preparation is half the battle won," says the proverb, which applies to practically every facet of life, including survival situations. It takes a lot of planning and preparation to be ready to respond appropriately when things get nasty. If you aren't prepared, your odds are slim to none, and it becomes much more difficult.

Plan ahead, Store food and water, prepare bug-out things, medical skills for first aid, emergency supplies, and types of equipment.

What should I buy before SHTF?

Beginning a survival stockpile is one of the most challenging chores for new preppers, especially if they don't know where to begin. The crucial thing is to do it before SHTF rather than after things have already started to go wrong. The objects listed below are versatile SHTF gear or survival equipment and can be used for a variety of reasons. Some of them can even be used to trade for other commodities.

  • Cotton handkerchiefs, bandanas, and baseball caps — Hats will keep the sun out of your eyes, while hankies and bandanas can be used as temporary smoke protection.
  • Batteries - Choose rechargeable batteries that can be charged using a solar panel.
  • Stock up on cotton socks, hooded jackets, shirts, and thermal underwear if they're on sale. They're ideal for bartering as well.
  • You'll need fire for cooking and staying warm, so bring fire starters, lighters, and matches. To make it easier to start a fire, keep charcoal and lighter fluid together.
  • When calamity hits, everyday first aid supplies such as burn ointment, bandages, pads, and wound cleansers are essential.
  • Soap and personal hygiene products - Soap is inexpensive and simple to keep. You'll need them for personal or business purposes.
  • Filters and purifiers for water - Water is required for drinking, cooking, bathing, and washing. If you plan on bartering with other preppers, stocking up on extra water filters and purifiers is also a good idea

What should I do immediately after SHTF?

This piece of advice is more accessible said than done, but staying calm will help you make better, faster judgments and allow you to assist those who may not be coping as well as you are. Simultaneously, make it your top priority to escape away from the immediate threat as soon as feasible. Finally, whatever the emergency is, whether it's a natural disaster or an active shooter in a supermarket, do everything you can to get yourself and your family to a safer location.

After the threat has passed and you've reached a safe spot, assess and treat any injuries you or your family members may have sustained. Attempt to manage any life-threatening injuries with your first aid equipment until you find a doctor or travel to a hospital. Even if you're only dealing with minor cuts and scrapes, ensure they're cleaned and treated to avoid infection.

Because your home provides you with the most shelter, protection, and resources, bugging out should always be your final resort. In most cases, it'll be the safest place for your family. However, if your home is no longer a secure place to be, you'll have to retreat to your bug-out spot. This is why you should have your bug-out strategy and provisions ready to go as soon as the disaster strikes, so you'll be prepared to depart if your position changes rapidly.

What is the best survival gear?

The essential survival gear will keep you secure until help arrives. A water filter, a fire starter, a knife, and a survival whistle are critical items to take with you at all times. These goods will keep you warm, provide you with clean water, and assist the SAR team in locating you if you become separated.

A first-aid kit, a torch, and a compass are also essential tools to have in your bag (or a GPS). Even an essential first aid bag contains goods that will come in handy if you become hurt while on your excursion. In addition, if you become disoriented, a compass or GPS might help you save time and avoid a worsening crisis.

How can I survive in the wilderness with nothing?

When it comes to wilderness survival, the first thing to remember is to keep calm. Sure, you're in a risky, frightening, and intense position with which you're unfamiliar. Your heart starts to race, your blood pressure rises, your mind starts to churn out all kinds of nasty things, and you begin to feel panicked. This is normal, but you must learn to remain calm if you perform things correctly and survive.

When you don't know where you are, finding or creating a shelter is critical, especially if you're out in the wilderness. Animals are almost certainly present, as this is their natural habitat. However, it's recommended not to bother them because they may fight in self-defense or terror. In addition, you don't want to come across a bear or another large animal that can injure or even kill you. Another reason to seek shelter is to stay warm and avoid hypothermia.

You cannot survive for long without water, and even if you can, you will be weak, unable to think well, and your prospects of surviving in the wilderness will be poor to none. So finding a source of water is the next stage in staying in the wild with nothing.

What is needed to survive in the wilderness?

Let's be honest: your mobile phone, laptop, and iPod aren't really essential living necessities. We all know we need water, food, and shelter to survive, but are you genuinely prepared to be self-sufficient? Check out these ten items as a survival kit you'd need if you unexpectedly found yourself closer to nature than you thought like camping.

  • Cooking and food supplies
  • Survival Knife
  • sleeping bag
  • Fire starting equipment
  • Water supply or filters
  • Paracord

What are survival strategies?

  • Deception as an Art
  • Choose clothing and equipment that will help you blend in.
  • Be unnoticed.
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Deceptively defend your home
  • Keep Your Supplies Hidden
  • Use camouflage to your advantage.
  • Use Defensive Landscaping to your advantage.
  • Make use of decoys

What are the traits of a survivor?

Survivors don't let their circumstances dictate their mood. They aren't sent into a tailspin when things don't go their way, and they aren't reliant on ideal conditions to be happy. Whether the circumstance is excellent or unpleasant, a person with a survivor's attitude chooses to focus on the positive parts or take steps that will lead to a happy outcome.

Survivors can adapt to unfavorable circumstances. For example, consider the situation when you're running big machinery, and it breaks down. You slit your leg open and suffer a significant bleed as a result.

Mentally tough people succeed because they understand that their bodies are capable of far more than their thoughts suggest. As a result, they control their minds rather than allowing their minds to manage them.

Because all of the previously described attributes of a survivor are motivated by it, motivation is crucial to its attitude.


When SHTF, nothing can be done to prevent casualties but understanding what to do immediately after a disaster considerably improves your family's chances of survival. It's also critical to have emergency supplies on hand far before a calamity strikes.

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