What Is a Survival Whistle And How To Use Them?

What Is a Survival Whistle And How To Use Them?

Survival whistle is a survival tool that can help you when in danger. They provide a way to call for assistance, and they also give off a high-pitched sound when blown. The survival whistle is an inexpensive survival tool that should be part of any survival kit. In this article, we will discuss what survival whistles are and how to use them effectively!

What Is a Survival Whistle?

A survival whistle is a compact, sturdy, insanely loud whistle meant to attract others' notice or enlist the assistance of others in your proximity during a crisis. They're also known as safety whistles or emergency whistle.

In the event of a calamity or when someone is in danger or distress, survival whistles are deployed. Outdoor survival kits, kayaking safety kits, earthquake kits, hurricane kits, 72-hour kits, and other survival kits contain them. For personal safety, safety whistles are even carried on keychains.

You get my drift. They're a must-have survival gear.

Why Use a Survival Whistle?

Emergency survival whistle is one of the easiest things to have on hand during a natural disaster, and they are one of the easiest items to have with you at all times. A whistle will alert responders to your need for assistance in the event of an earthquake, fire, or flood.

When Would You Use a Safety Survival Whistle?

Use your survival whistle to summon assistance from anyone nearby if you are in an emergency or danger. It will be your first choice for survival in many scenarios.

  • If you're separated from your group, figure out where you're going.
  • If you are lost, injured, or in need of assistance, call for assistance.
  • frighten wildlife away
  • Other boats will be aware of your presence on the water.
  • Deter an assailant

Which is Better, Metal or Plastic Survival Whistles?

Survival whistles can be manufactured of various materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, steel, and titanium, although plastic whistles are the most effective. Plastic survival whistles are low-cost, lightweight, virtually indestructible, won't rust or corrode, and won't freeze on your lips in the cold.

Whistles made of plastic are also gentler on the mouth and teeth. Some even feature padded mouth grips.

Plastic survival whistles are frequently orange (a typical safety color), but they can also be found in various other bright hues. Choose a highly visible color, whichever color you choose.

What Are The Different Types of Survival Whistles?

Electronic whistles, pea whistles, and pealess whistles are the three most prevalent varieties of survival whistles.

Electronic Whistles

Here are the pros and cons of electronic whistles:


  • When engaged by a button, electronic whistles produce a loud, constant sound.
  • For multi-operator use, electronic whistles are sanitary. They won't end up in anyone's mouth.
  • The operator can use the electronic whistle and speak verbally at the same time.


  • Electronic whistles can be mistakenly activated.
  • Electronic whistles are powered by batteries that can run out.
  • Electronic whistles aren't all waterproof.
  • In the event of a failure, a redundant backup, similar to a pealess whistle, is necessary.
  • In terms of the technical standards of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, electronic whistles do not meet the safety requirements for International Standard ISO 12402-8:2020, category Personal Flotation Devices – Accessories (SOLAS). Whistles meet the safety criterion as a device that creates an audible sound when blown by mouth and can help locate the user.

Pea Whistles

My first whistle was a beautiful metal pea whistle when I was a kid. The whistle is still in my possession! Perhaps you had a pea whistle as well?

The "pea" in the main chamber is usually a small cork ball in this sort of whistle. If you shake it, you can see it rattle around.

However, there are certain drawbacks to using pea whistles as a survival whistle.

When pea whistles get wet, freeze, acquire dirt or muck inside, or are blown too hard in a panic, they can stop operating. When I say most, I mean that your spit can impair your performance. Cork peas decay over time as a result of moisture.

Also, the pea in these whistles rattles, which is a drawback for many outdoor enthusiasts who desire to be quiet when nature viewing or hunting in the woods.

Pealess Whistles

Modern whistles are devoid of balls, a groundbreaking product that creates a loud, piercing whistle without the use of a pea spinning around or other moving parts.

When you accomplish anything correctly, it quickly becomes popular. Referees, coaches, water safety, outdoor enthusiasts, personal security, and rescue professionals utilize pealess whistles worldwide!

And when you do something well, others will follow suit. As a result, there are numerous pealess whistle manufacturers today.

Apart from the fact that certain pealess whistles are prettier than others, I can't think of any disadvantages to this whistle style.

Benefits of Using Pealess Whistles:

  • It's simple to blow.
  • It can be heard for up to a mile.
  • Performance that is consistent and dependable.
  • If you force a lot of air through in a panic situation, you won't be overblown.
  • After being submerged in water, its chambers self-clear.
  • In frigid conditions, there are no moving parts to jam, degrade, or freeze.


Equip yourself and everyone in your group with a survival whistle to stay safe and prepared in the event of an emergency. This will aid in protecting each of you and give a means of contact if someone becomes separated or lost.

Whistles are relatively affordable. Rather than trying to share them between outdoor activities, buy a bunch of them. If you don't, you'll forget about them at some point.

One is on my PFD, one is in my backpack, one is in each of my vehicles, and one is in every one of my emergency kits.

When you need a whistle, you don't want to be caught without one. They are the cheapest life-saving equipment available. If you're looking for the best survival whistle that you can bring to any survival situation, we have here at ApeSurvival! Our safety equipment is made in aluminum alloy material. This whistle emits a high-pitched sound that is significantly louder than a conventional ball whistle - just what you're looking for! This loudest emergency whistle can unbelievably travel through distance despite its size!

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