What is a Strike Pen And Does It Really Works?

What is a Strike Pen And Does It Really Works?

You may have seen a strike pen in the past, and you might be wondering if they work. Strike pens are a pen that is designed to strike an attacker with a small stun gun, pepper spray, or another form of a self-defense weapon. A tactical strike pen makes it possible for someone to defend themselves from attackers without fighting back. This article will go over what strike pens are and how effective they can be when used properly. 

What Is a Strike Pen?

It's a stealthy tactical instrument that resembles a pen. It can also be used as a pen and as a lethal self-defense tool. It's small, like all writing pen, so it's easy to carry about. It will most likely serve you for a long time because it is made of robust yet lightweight material. As you can see, it's an actual item rather than merely online instructions for being safe.

What Are the Prominent Features of the Strikepen?

The following are the product's best features:

  • The Material. The pen is comprised of a milled alloy similar to that used in aviation manufacturing.
  • The style. The pen is little and refined. It's easy to employ against an attacker who won't suspect anything. In addition, the pen's clever shape ensures a secure grip.
  • The person who collects DNA. The device has a crown on one end that, when used appropriately, allows it to capture DNA. This will aid in the identification of the perpetrator.

Why You Should Use Strike Pen?

There are numerous reasons to purchase a defense tactical strike pen. One of these is self-defense. Do you still have doubts about whether or not you require this product?

Aluminum Made Pen

The product is constructed of a high-grade aluminum alloy. The main advantages of this material are its long life and lightweight. Aluminum is also a robust, non-corroding substance. It's no surprise that it's employed in airplane production.


This strike pen self defense includes a knife that can be used for survival. A knife may be a fantastic helper in an emergency because it can be used for a range of activities, such as cutting, sharpening, and to survive natural disasters.

Bottle Opener

The pen can also be used as a bottle opener, screwdriver, or hex wrench. You will be able to open a bottle of beer at any time with such a tool. Let's face it: it can be really crucial at times.

LED Flashlight

You won't need to bring a flashlight with you because this pen will suffice. It comes with batteries and an ON/OFF button, allowing it to be used as a light source at any time. It's difficult to exaggerate the value of a well-functioning flashlight.

Glass Breaker

You should be ready for a variety of scenarios throughout your life. For example, you may need to break the emergency glass at some point, and how will you do it without risking injury? You can use such a pen for jobs like this because it has a tungsten tip.

Pen with Spare Ink

A ballpoint pen is located on the opposite end of the tungsten tip pen. This means that the tool not only looks like a pen but can also be used as one. You won't need to carry a second pen in your pocket with such a multifunctional instrument. If you run out of ink, reload the device with the spare ink that will also be sent to you.


This product is for you if you want to feel confident in any scenario and like one of the secret service agents. It's a fantastic tactical pen that can save your life in an emergency and as a discreet self-defense tool. If you're interested in purchasing these multifunctional self-defense tools, here on ApeSurvival, we sell and have the best strike pen tactical pen. However, please keep in mind that the amount of strike pens available is limited, so don't wait to purchase yours.

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