What Are The Top Best Badass Knife Money Clips?

What are the top Best Badass Knife Money Clips?

A money clip knife is a great way to show off your style and keep your money safe. We've compiled a list of the top money clips that will hold more than just money, but also some knives!

Badass Knife Money Clips

The money clip is simple, inconspicuous, and usually features an excellent metal design that is more durable than a leather wallet. Many money clips also double as a pocket knife, allowing you to kill two birds with one stone.

Money clip knife have been for as long as paper money has existed, and their basic premise has stayed the same: a piece of metal between which paper money is secured to allow for organization and avoid loss. On the other hand, the money clip went into a steady, relentless decrease in favor as the wallet gained currency (pun intended) in the 17th century. Then, people preferred the wallet's larger carrying capacity and used it to store everything from important documents to large sums of paper money. Later, credit card slots were added to the wallet to accommodate most people's desire to shop without using cash. We've broken down some of the most exciting knife money clips to aid you in your search for a new money clip and pocket knife.

Boker Plus DW-2

Chad Los Banos' DW-2 is a little knife. The DW-1 may be too small. However, the DW-2 has a similar design with a 1.6-inch blade that is significantly more functional. In addition, the back clip can be used as a money holder or survival money clip. .

SOG Cash Card

A knife and some cash. Is there anything else you absolutely must bring? The SOG Cash Card was created specifically for this purpose. It has a simple design with cutouts to keep the weight down to a manageable 2 ounces. The effective 2.75-inch liner locking blade is the most significant feature. Stainless steel is used for the handle of pocket money knife clip.

Victorinox Swiss Army Money Clip

The Swiss Army knife is the ultimate multitool, so adding a money clip and making it a full-fledged multitool that's the only item in your pocket makes perfect sense. A blade, scissors, and nail file with cleaner are included with the Victorinox Money Clip model. This model is available in three different colors.


The late Ed Halligan wanted a knife that followed the philosophy "Keep It Super Simple" (or "Keep It Simple Stupid"), so he designed the K.I.S.S., which was picked up by C.R.K.T. and debuted at the Shot Show in 1997. It became it in an instant. This is the most basic of designs.

It has a simple steel handle and a 2.25-inch frame locking blade. Because of the style and clip, it's ideal for use as a money clip.

Boker Plus Credit Card

These days, credit card knives are all the rage, but they require assembly and are frequently useless. John Kubasek created his credit card knife, and the result is incredible. The knife is incredibly tiny and shaped like a credit card. It still features a 2.28-inch blade with a frame lock that can be opened with one hand. However, it only weighs 1.1 ounces.

When you use the clip to carry money and actual credit cards at thecasinoapps.com, the best part about the shape is that the entire setup is not awkward in the pocket. 

Spyderco Cricket

The Cricket from Spyderco is a small and handy everyday carry. It has a stainless steel handle and a 1.88-inch VG-10 blade. It could be attached to a tie or used as a fashionable money clip, according to Spyderco.Schrade SCHCC1 Money Clip

HallMark MoneyClip Knife

Hallmark is known for its low-cost knives, but that doesn't mean they don't make excellent knives as well. With scissors, a nail file, and a blade, the Hallmark Money Clip Knife is a multitool.

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