What Are The Things to Consider Before you Decide to Buy a Tactical Strike Pen?

What Are The Things to Consider Before you Decide to Buy a Tactical Strike Pen

A strike pen is an important self-defense tool. When you feel threatened, strike pens can be used to strike your attacker in the face and temporarily disable them. Even if you don't plan on using it for protection, strike pens are still a great tool to carry around with you wherever you go. If you're ready to buy one or simply want more information about what they are like, here are some things that every strike pen owner should know before making their purchase!

What Are The Best Features of a Tactical Strike Pen?

Those who hold such antiquated beliefs should wake up and smell the coffee because tactical pens not only existed in 2019, but they could save your skin one day in no uncertain terms. These are not the 19 disposable pens of your youth. Instead, today's tactical pen is typically machined from rigid, durable metal and outfitted with features that allow you to do everything from write upside down in the rain to fend off a weasel who mistakenly thought you were an easy mark. Some have LED flashlights so you can check on the weasel after you remove the pen from his throat. Below are the different features of a tactical strike pen that you must consider that were also based on tactical strike pen review.

Weaponized Writing

A tactical pen may not be as effective as a firearm or intimidating as a knife, but it can be the most ninja of your EDC options. If you've read the preceding pages, you'll know that a weaponized writing instrument can inflict harm on a bad guy while still being carried in most settings without raising an eyebrow more than a writing pen or ordinary pen.

Grip and Clip

The strike pen must feel natural in hand. Imagine how uncomfortable it will be to strike a mugger while you're handwriting. When the feces start to fly, a strong pocket clip that won't bend (let alone snap off) is essential for secure carry and quickdraws.

Design and Materials

Capped or clicky? The former requires you to pull or twist a cap, while the latter uses a pushbutton to activate the retractable pen. Each one has its pros and cons are to improve self-defense. The plastic in your Bic won't cut it. Look for an enclosure made of strong, long-lasting, lightweight materials (think aluminum, titanium, etc make it more extraordinary and effective than a normal pen.

Aesthetics and ink

It's more than just selecting the coolest-looking model. An unobtrusive-looking pen will not attract unwanted attention or be confiscated at the airport. However, don't lose sight of this tool's original purpose: writing. If you can't sign a credit card receipt without the ink skipping, leaking, or running out, your pen is just a tactical pocket stick. In addition, look for a model that allows you to replace the ink cartridge easily.

We've compiled a list of the most recent tactical pens on the market with these considerations in mind. They run the gamut, from reasonably priced models that you can thrash to superbly engineered tools that bring peace of mind.

ApeSurvival Strikepen Black

ApeSurvival Strikepen Black is a lightweight, powerful, and lethal strike pen! This self-defense tactical strike pen is ideal for everyday use. This tactical pen, made of aircraft-grade aluminum with precision milling, can save your life during an attack while also functioning as a "regular" pen. This functional pen is discreet and has a powerful knockout ability, thanks to its solid alloy construction of both stainless and rustproof. Included are a ballpoint pen, a Tungsten steel striker/glass-breaker, an LED flashlight, batteries, and replacement ink, as well as TWO BONUS tools: a knife and a stainless multi-tool with bottle opener, hex wrench, blade, and flat head screwdriver. A functional pen also serves as a self-defense weapon and a glass-breaking tool in an emergency. It comes with a bright LED emitter as well as two interchangeable tools.

Black Label Tactical Pen

The Black Label Tactical Pen measures 5.52 inches long and is aluminum with a plastic clip. Its girth improves grip, particularly if you have meaty paws. This black model comes with a 440C stainless-steel letter opener that functions as a budget boot knife. A coyote tan pen is available separately for $43. It has a weaponized appearance. On the other hand, the Hummer-sized pocket clip is made of plastic. Furthermore, the glass-breaker on the top end precludes the use of a reverse grip as well as an index-finger grip.

UZI Tactical Defender Pen

The UZI Tactical Defender pen is 6.13 inches long and made of aluminum. If your wallet is a little thin, but you still need a backup tool, this model is surprisingly sturdy and has a solid standard grip. It even has a built-in cuff key. Unfortunately, it's not very stealthy, thanks to the spikey crown known as the "DNA Catcher," which not only prevents a reverse or index-finger grip but can scratch you as you reach into your pocket if you don't have (or have lost) the rubber cover.

Impromptu Tactical Pen

The Impromptu Tactical Pen has a length of 5.59 inches. The Impromptu, which is made in the United States, has a push-button retractable pen design because it is convenient and allows for different grips. Rite in the Rain ink cartridges works in various weather conditions, from freezing to wet. Slim, but surprisingly heavy. Furthermore, there's no mistaking it for a weaponized writing instrument. And we're not fans of the glass breaker at the tip because it protrudes too far from the end and can jab our thigh when we're sitting or crouched.

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