What Are The Techniques In Using a Tactical Pen?

What Are The Techniques In Using a Tactical Pen

A strike pen is a self-defense tool that is often overlooked because of their small size. They can be used as strike weapons and have the ability to break glass in an emergency situation. That being said, there are techniques involved with using a tactical pen for self-defense purposes. In this article, we will explore the many ways you can use your strike pen and how it benefits you as well as those around you!

What Makes Them Self-Defense Weapons?

Most tactical strike pen includes a glass-breaking tip that is extremely sharp and can do considerable harm to an attacker. They're tough, made of aircraft-grade aluminum, and designed to survive any circumstance. Many are utilized by law enforcement officers, military personnel, and survivalists worldwide.

Other tactical pens are more concerned about survival. They still write like a regular pen and have the glass breaker tip, but they also have features like an excellent fire-starting rod and a whistle. Most are around the length of a standard pen and a little heavier.

Why You Should Carry a Tactical Pen?

Tactical strike pen is designed for folks who want to always have something small and lethal with them. It's designed for folks who don't want to carry a gun but still want to feel safe and secure. Few people regard them as potentially hazardous weapons since they are difficult to differentiate from ordinary pens. It puts you a step ahead of your assailant.

Useful Self Defense Techniques?

Being conscious that we live in a dangerous world is the first step toward self-defense. Crime lurks in every city corner and might strike at any time. If you believe you are being watched, you have only two choices: cross your fingers and hope for the best, or strike back. using a discreet self-defense tool. If you select the latter, you will face mental and physical hardship. It's naïve to believe that "nothing bad will happen to me!" whereas, in actuality, you should be asking yourself, "Am I prepared if something horrible happens?" Then decide to have a tactical strike pen on your side to overcome this situation.

How to Use a Tactical Pen – Self Defense Techniques Using a Tactical Pen

If you find yourself in a close-quarters position with your tactical pen, there are a few strategies you might employ to fend off the assailant. Aim target the most vulnerable regions of the attacker's body, such as the eyes, crotch, wrist, hand, or temple. Make use of your weapon, which is a knife. Turn it over down and stab your attacker. Aim for a weak point, and you could cause significant damage to your assailant.

Strike quickly with it as if it were a sword. Hold your tactical pen in your clenched hand, point side out, and strike hard and fast in a susceptible spot. The idea is to inflict enough agony on your adversary until he stumbles, falls, or stops altogether. If you manage to subdue your attacker for a few seconds, don't linger — get out of the way as soon as possible. The purpose is to eliminate the threat, not to kill the individual. While tactical pens are lethal weapons capable of ending a problematic situation, they can also take a life. You should be aware of this whenever you carry a self-defense weapon.

How To Find The Best Tactical Pen For You

There is no best tactical pen. However, you may have the best tactical strike pen today. This article will assist you in determining the best tactical pen for the money, the best tactical pen with a flashlight, or even which Top tactical pen or other great brands of a tactical pen is perfect for you. Think about how you intend to use your pen and ask yourself the following questions. However, there are a few things to consider before purchasing one. Because this will most likely be something you carry with you every day, you'll want to strike the right mix between writing abilities, length, appearance, features, grip, and comfort.

Here are some of the features:

  • Lifestyle – Is this tactical pen being purchased for you, a family member, or a friend? What's their way of life? What are their interests? Will they use this once a year on a camping trip, or will they utilize it daily?
  • Discreetness - If you intend to carry this pen daily, you should look for a pen that does not scream "weapon!"
  • " to everyone who comes across it. In addition, some pens have a matte coating to help them blend in.
  • Grip & Feel — Tactical pens come in a variety of grip patterns. Some are smooth, while others are stiff and anti-skid. Next, consider where the pocket clip of each cell is positioned. Is it affixed to the pen or the pen cap? Will it protrude into your hand if you have to use it?
  • Characteristics — How well does it write? What elements should it have? Narrow down your top 2-3 features, and then try to identify the one that appears to be the most user-friendly. For example, if you don't go camping very often, a tactical pen for starting fires won't use you.

Smith and Wesson SWPEN3BK Tactical Pen with Stylus Tip

The Smith & Wesson SWPEN3BK is one of the most compact tactical pens available. It's available in four colors: black, gray, silver, and even pink! In addition, it boasts a glass-breaking cap, a textured grip, and a pen tip that works on any phone or tablet.

It's one of the lightest and shortest tactical pens on the market, weighing only 1.4 ounces and measuring 5.7 inches in length. It's made of T6061 aviation aluminum. You can't go wrong with a Smith & Wesson tactical pen. They've been in business since 1852 and have grown much beyond a mere rifle manufacturing company.

Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

Another of our favorites is the Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen [31-001880]. Its rugged build makes it ideal for tossing in your usual carry bag or taking on your next camping trip. It is 5.59 inches in length and weighs 2.25 ounces. It's made of hardened steel, so it should be able to survive even the harshest elements.

Unlike another writing pen, this one looks and feels like a military pen. However, it does have a push-button mechanism instead of a cap, an integrated glass breaker, and is made in the United States. All pens are field-tested before shipping and performed indoors and outdoors in any condition. (Yes, it even writes in the rain!)

APESURVIVAL Strikepen Black™

Lightweight, potent, and lethal than an ordinary pen! This self-defense tactical pen is ideal for everyday use. This tactical pen, made of aircraft-grade aluminum with precision milling, can save your life during an attack while also functioning as a "normal" pen.


This functional pen is inconspicuous and has a powerful knockout ability; its robust alloy construction is both stainless and corrosion-proof. Included are a ballpoint pen, a Tungsten steel striker/glass-breaker, an LED flashlight, batteries, and refill ink, as well as TWO BONUS tools: a knife and a stainless multi-tool with bottle opener, hex wrench, blade, and flat head screwdriver.


Tactical pens are reasonably priced for the level of protection they give. They can be used in an emergency or defuse a potentially deadly situation. They can also be used for camping or hiking, and they are small enough to be carried anywhere. Consider getting one for self-defense and survival.

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