8 Ways To Help Someone Else Being Attacked Without Putting Yourself In Physical Danger

8 Ways To Help Someone Else Being Attacked Without Putting Yourself In Physical Danger

Powerful Ways To Stop Someone From Being Attacked

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You can use those same strategies and ideas to help someone else or one of your family members without risking physical contact. Get as close as you reasonably can and make a lot of noise. Yell at the attacker, throw something at them, and stay as far away as possible until the police arrive (especially if there's no one nearby that has a phone). It may be wise to carry Self Defense Ring or pepper spray from Apesurvival.com that can cause intense pain to deter an attempted attack. Still, again these situations have potentially serious consequences, so use them with caution and only when necessary. Write down any information about what they're wearing and provide this to law enforcement officers. 

Make sure you're not in danger yourself.

We all want to help someone being attacked, but we also need to ensure that we are not putting ourselves in danger. There are a matter of ways for you to help an individual or help others without risking your safety. If the attack is happening right next to you, then a first response could be as simple as yelling out and making a lot of noise. This will often scare the assailant away from their target and give them time to escape. Another way would be by distracting the attacker with some physical contact or loud sound, so they lose focus on what they were doing. If there is no opportunity for you to help, you must notify authorities as soon as possible! (save lives!)


Prevention is the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones. In this blog post, we will discuss great tips and ways that can help keep you safe. 

  • First of all, when someone comes up with a good idea for preventing something from happening in the future, they should make sure it is possible before trying it out. 
  • Next, if someone has an emergency plan in place before the emergency happens, they are more likely to respond quickly and effectively in a crisis. 
  • Finally, people need to know what their options are if prevention doesn't work out as expected."


If you see someone being attacked, do something. The best ways to help are calling the police, getting medical assistance if needed, and finding out what happened. If you're not able to do any of those things (because they've already left or because it's too dangerous), then document them on social media for help. Of course, you mustn't put yourself in danger by approaching them if they seem hostile or agitated, but writing with them is an excellent way to ensure their attack doesn't go unnoticed.

Call the Police

If someone is being attacked (friend/friends, family, or stranger), you should call the police and wait for them to arrive on the scene before doing anything else. Once they are on their way, there are ways to help them feel more safe and comfortable while waiting for officers to arrive. You can do things like give them space or offer emotional support if they need it. If the victim wants to speak with a counselor or therapist, provide information about services in your area that can help them get started. It's better safe than sorry!

Alert Other Bystanders Who Can Help

When you see someone else being attacked, the first thing to do is try and help them. However, if you can't get near enough or it's too unsafe for you to intervene, then alert other bystanders who may be able to help. If there are no others nearby, call 911 on your phone. Bystanders must know what they should do in this situation because people can die from injuries sustained during an attack even when they're not the one person being assaulted.

Create A Distraction

In a world where violence is common, it's essential to be prepared. If you're ever in the situation of witnessing someone being attacked by an assailant or group of assailants, then there are ways that you can help them. You don't have to do anything crazy and risk your life for them - create a distraction so they can get away!

There are many ways to distract their attackers:

  • They were throwing objects at them.
  • Yelling/screaming and drawing or paying attention towards yourself.
  • I ran towards the perpetrator, made noise, and used pepper spray, Self Defense Ring, or other self-defense techniques if necessary.

Intervene In A Safe Manner

If you see someone being attacked, there are ways to intervene safely without putting yourself in danger. If the attacker is armed with a gun or knife, leave immediately and call the police. If the attacker is unarmed, try these ways to help:

  • Distract them 
  • Tell them that they're wrong
  • Ask if they need any help

Provide First Aid or Assistance Afterwards

It is essential to provide first aid or assistance afterward to someone else being attacked. It would be best if you did this quickly and without hesitation, as it can save the life of the person who needs help. If you are not trained in providing first aid, then it's best not to try anything on your own, but instead, call 911 or ask for help from a trained professional. 

Provide Evidence to Police

If you see someone being attacked, it is essential to know ways in helping others. If the person being shot has a cell phone, they may call 911 or another emergency number. If they don't have a phone on them, one of the best ways to help is by providing evidence for police after the attack.

 Here are ways you can do so:

  • Take pictures of the person and any injuries they may have 
  • Record video of what's happening with your phone or another device 
  • Get as many details about the incident as possible, including names and addresses

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