The Most Common ways to Die in a Crisis

The Most Common ways to Die in a Crisis
While it can be fun to imagine the world descending into chaos, and we eke out the remainder of our days in a post-apocalyptic world living off the supplies we have stockpiled and are able to scavenge once society collapses, I’ve got some harsh news for you. In a real crisis, the vast majority of people will not survive. It’s simply a numbers game, and the experts have run the simulations and done the math. Removing just one element, like electricity, and within 30 days of no power, an estimated 50 percent of Americans will die. Extend this to a year, that’s one year without power, and it’s expected 90 percent people will be dead. If you want to ensure you and your family are part of the population who do survive, then read on, and ensure you’ve got a plan to overcome the most common ways you will die in a real crisis.

The water will kill you

Without clean water you will die within a matter of days, as dehydration sets in and your body starts to shut down. But what many people fail to consider is the risk in drinking contaminated water, especially in the aftermath of a crisis. The taps will not work, and even if they do, there’s no guarantee the water coming out is safe. You need a plan to properly store, purify and collect fresh sources of water otherwise it will kill you.

The hunger will kill you

Most people only have enough food to last their family a few days, at most, which is a real problem. Panic buying is hitting the stores now with coronavirus, and it’s not a situation you want to be in, so ensure you’ve thought about how much food you need to stockpile so your family doesn’t go hungry. Starvation will kill you, and you don’t want to be putting your neck on the line trying to source food in a crisis either.

The cold will kill you

Once the grid goes down and there is no longer any power or gas running, most people will freeze to death. Or if not, they’ll be putting themselves at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning from the fire they’ve lit in their living room, using fireplaces that haven’t been lit or maintained for decades. If you live in an area with a cold winter, you need a plan for heating and staying warm, otherwise the cold will kill you.

The hungry will kill you

I go on and on about OPSEC because it’s just so critical to staying safe. People have long memories, and you can bet that cashier who always see’s you buying bulk, or the friends you joke around with over a few beers will remember that you’ve got a basement full of canned food when they are going hungry. And you can bet that they will do whatever’s necessary to keep themselves and their families alive in a crisis, so keep your preps quiet.

The fitness required will kill you

Getting in shape is imperative if you want to survive. We all lead rather sedentary lives (and it’s only becoming more so), and now is the time to build up your stamina. Otherwise how can you hope to be fit enough to cut the wood you need, to hike to your bug out location, to stomp around all day trying to hunt your meals. You need to get in shape now, or you’re going to have a bad time when you really need to be active.

The accidents will kill you

During a crisis you cannot expect to get the same level of medical care, and a simple injury or accident can be a death sentence. A slip of the axe as you’re cutting wood. Losing control of your vehicle because you’re on a race against the clock. Take care with everything that you do, because any major injury will cause you significant problems in a crisis, and it’s the accidents that will ultimately kill you if you can’t get proper medical care.

The prescriptions will kill you

Or should I say, if you’re on any prescription medication, there will come a time when your stockpile runs out. Not only can the withdrawals be painful, if these are life-sustaining medications you will be in big trouble if you’ve no alternative. Stockpiling is a good start, but I’d also recommend taking steps to naturally improve your health, like losing weight and eating better to reduce the severity of Type 2 diabetes, to ensure a lack of prescription medication isn’t the reason for your ultimate demise. I get this isn’t always possible, but the better you can prepare yourself, the higher your chances of survival.

The reality will kill you

With the rise of popular television survival shows we’re seeing a remarkable increase of “armchair survivalists” who have some knowledge yet little practical experience. Living off the land, or hunting for your dinner is tough, even more so if it’s been years since you’ve left the comfort of your home to go camping. You need to get real-world experience enacting all aspects of your survival plans, otherwise reality will kill you once the SHTF. Having personally spent 5+ hours trying to get fire from a bow drill, I can tell you this with my whole heart, the reality of survival is far harder than you think, and I'd be much better off using a lighter to get a flame. But it's better I know now, than in a crisis. Today is the day you need to start practicing, learning and gaining the knowledge you really need to survive. Now for some good news, with the right preparations you can reduce the chances of all of these situations affecting you and your family. It just takes you, right now, making a commitment to change, deciding that you will prepare and be ready, so that if we ever do face a large-scale crisis, you’re in the best possible situation to survive.

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