Survival: Post-Apocalypse Now How to Use Survival Lighter

Survival: Post-Apocalypse Now How to Use Survival  Lighter

In a survival situation, the ability to light a fire is invaluable. Survival lighters can be used as a tool to make fire from friction, create sparks for the fire starter kit, or use to ignite chemicals in your kit. It requires no fuel and is completely windproof. To use press the button located on top of the lighter's housing and gently slide it back and forth either multiple times or continuously until a flame lights up at one end. Once a fire has been created, you must keep it lit with additional tinder material found locally to maintain its fuel source.


How to light the survival lighter

It always helps to read the label for any specific light product carefully because different starting methods require a different technique. The three main ways to start your lighter are by rotating the wheel until it's up to its last notch (the one close to your thumb), using your index finger on the bottom of the flint wheel until it sparks, or using both pads of your thumb. Once you've succeeded in lighting it, blow out any leftover flame with an audible breath - this is to ensure that gas doesn't escape.

Best survival lighters are a very important piece of equipment you should have with your survival kit. This article will help you find the best one for yourself.

How to fill survival lighter

The survival lighter is a narrow metal cylinder with two electrodes at the top. To load it:

  • Turn upside down and shake gently to get any air bubbles out.
  • Remove the sealing disc by twisting it counterclockwise, flip-up until it locks into place, then twist both ends of the wrapping mechanism in opposite directions.
  • Be sure not to touch the side without electric contacts while doing this.
  • Insert a ferrocerium rod through one end slot of the wrapping mechanism for each position you want to have lit.
  • Sprinkle just enough flammable liquid or tinder into each opening to cover or completely consume about 20mm2 of metal surfaces on either side of the opening for over 1 second per round one square centimeter surface area.

Tactical Lighter is designed to help you defend what's yours in any emergency situation with durable design, unmatched quality, ease of use, and reliability that is unequaled by any plasma lighter available today!

How to Make a survival fire without a lighter

If you don't have a camping lighter or matches, plastic sticks or dry leaves are your substitutes for firelighters. Take the two sticks and rub them together fiercely to create heat within each pile of tinder to help it smolder. It takes around three minutes for this technique to work, then blows on the pile until it sparks into a flame. You can then build up more layers of fuel-ready for ignition before blowing on the tinder piles again to make sure they catch alight because if one doesn't light up the first time around, this should provide backup options should other methods fail you at some point during your journey.


Knowledge of fire sources is an important survival skill. You never want to be in a situation where you are left high and dry without any way to start one. 

Outdoors usually prefer matches or the best camping lighter for campfires because they can be carried easily and work well in most situations. Matches are also compact, waterproof, non-polluting, inexpensive, and easy enough for children to use independently. Disposable lighters do not always provide the amount of heat necessary for lighting bigger fires, though; if they seem unreliable, then try using safety matches instead (these will give you that added element of safety).

Where to find a lighter in mist survival

The best camping lighter can be found at a fishing or hunting store like Ape Survival. You'll want to opt for a simple, lightweight but powerful option that you don't have to fill with fluid - use a disposable butane fuel canister instead. There are several popular options on the market nowadays, and it's worth your time to read up on them to find out which is best for you before making your purchase!

How to refill a scorch tactical lighter

There are several ways to refill a scorch tactical lighter. One option is to purchase fuel, commonly called refillable lighter fluid or butane torch lighter, which can be found in most stores where lighters are sold, like Ape Survival. Typically the fluid comes with either a hand pump or valve for refilling one's containers. Unfortunately, some more cheap lighters-made plastic containers may crack when filled, so care should be taken if this route is pursued. With some caution, it is possible to use gas station pumps for this purpose; some devices can convert standard propane tanks into portable cylinders for this purpose (these usually only handle propane). Another method is using alcohol like Everclear which can also be burned on what would otherwise be an empty surface without affecting tissue paper.

What technology does the tactical lighter use

The tactical lighter technology used is called piezoelectric ignition or piezoelectric electric lighter, an electrostatic charge, and a small metal ball bearing to obtain its spark. The piezoelectric ignition system means that it relies on sound waves to light the fire. These lighters are often used in windy conditions because they do not use traditional lighters fuels like butane or fluid-soap mixtures. And also, it will produce a high voltage once the piezoelectric crystal inside it's pressed and heated up with a direct flame and capable of initiating combustion of gas even in extremely low pressure. It also doesn't consume any external combustible fuel or batteries, which would eliminate the need for refueling or battery charging with various lighters that use such sources. Finally, this system is very reliable because there are no moving parts.

There are many other methods employed by tactical lighters such as butane lighters, solar power, and just plain old flames -- all depend on what you're looking for.


Quality survival lighters are a necessity for any prepper. But, if you're worried that it may be challenging to find one, we have good news! There are many options available, and they can be found at Ape Survival. We recommend the Scorch Tactical Lighter because of its reliability and windproof design, which means you don't need to worry about your fire going out in those pesky breezes. You should also know what technology the tactical lighter uses, so if yours dies on you, there's an easy fix (hint: not matches). Keep this handy guide with you as a reminder of how important having a dependable source of flame is when trying to survive post-apocalypse now!

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