Strike Pen: The Discreet Self-Defense Weapon You Can Carry

Strike Pen: The Discreet Self-Defense Weapon You Can Carry

The strike pen is a discreet self-defense tool that you can carry anywhere. A strike pen looks like an ordinary pen, but it proves to be much more than just a simple tool for creative expression when it comes to defending yourself.

The strike pen today is made of either steel or titanium and will easily break glass in case of emergency. With these qualities in mind, strike pens are one of the most versatile pieces on your person at any given moment. With this blog post, we will discuss what strike pens are and how they work so that you know if one would be right for you! 

Why You Should Carry a Tactical Pen?

The tactical strike pen is designed for folks who want to always have something small and lethal with them. It's designed for folks who don't want to carry a gun but want to feel safe and secure. Few people consider them potentially dangerous weapons because they are difficult to differentiate from a regular writing pen. It allows you to stay one step ahead of your assailant. 

Tactical Pens as Improvised Weapons

It's really useful for travelers because you can take it anywhere and use it as a kubaton or stabbing implement in an emergency. The tactical pen isn't designed to be used as a weapon. When you're up against a wall, though, everything may be used as a weapon, and some items are better than others at it.

With its tungsten tip, it helps you to hit out and strike hard. You can smash people's faces, gouge out their eyes, inflict great pain on any jerk with horrible breath, and guess what? It's still only a writing tool, after all. Although it has a tungsten tip that is ideal for breaking down a bad man, it is still a pen.

Yes, the tactical pen appears puny compared to a knife or a pistol. Even so, having it is preferable to having nothing. When it comes to hand-to-hand combat, even a tiny advantage can make a big difference:

You don't have to worry about breaking those little fingers in your hand when you strike someone's face and head. Instead, to control your opponent, hit the ribs, through the neck, and downward into the shoulder, and apply pressure to painful, sensitive areas. Tactical pens aren't perfect, but they're a better option than bare-knuckle boxing.

It Goes Everywhere I Go

I always carry a strike pen tactical pen with me whenever I am legally allowed to carry one, which is everywhere.

That means I can take it somewhere where I wouldn't be allowed to carry a gun, knife, or other weapons. It travels with me on planes, in courtrooms, and any non-permissive setting. Most tactical pens are suitable for use in various situations; however, don't be foolish. It's not going on an aircraft if it has a knife built-in.

Tactical pens are also virtually undetectable. That is to say. No one notices if you have a ballpoint pen in your hand or your pocket. No one will know if you place the pen in your hand and prepare to attack if you detect a threat. In most cases, you can't perform the same thing with a rifle or even a knife.

Improvise a Tourniquet

I have a windless if I have a tactical pen. The rod used to tighten a tourniquet is called windless. Under pressure, a regular plastic pen will break. Aluminum is the most popular material used in tactical pens since it is significantly stronger. This enables it to tolerate significant strain, allowing you to reduce the pressure and stop the blood flow.

It's not ideal, and it's no substitute for a real tourniquet, but it's better than thoughts and prayers in a hurry. Never forget, though, that making a tourniquet is a talent that requires practice; simply having this pen will not fix your problem.

What Are The Few Things You Can Do To Help You Avoid Becoming a Victim?

  • Examine your immediate surroundings. Keep your head up and your attention on the task at hand rather than on your phone.
  • Carry pepper spray with you.
  • Alleys, stairwells, red lights, gas stations, and areas with low lighting should all be avoided.
  • If at all possible, stay away from high-crime regions.
  • Accepting a ride from a stranger is never a good idea.
  • As you approach your vehicle, keep your keys close to reaching.
  • Walk with self-assurance.


How To Find The Best Tactical Pen For You?

Although there is no such thing as the best tactical pen, there may be the best tactical pen for you. This type of information can assist you in determining the best tactical pen for the money, the best tactical pen with a led flashlight. Ask yourself the following questions as you consider how you intend to use your pen. There are a few things to keep in mind when acquiring one, though. Because this is likely to be something you use every day, you'll want to strike the right mix between smooth writing ability, length, appearance, features, grip, and comfort.


If you're going to use this pen every day, look for one that doesn't scream "weapon!" " to everyone who happens to come across it. Some pens have a matte coating to help them blend in with their surroundings.

Grip & Feel

Strike pen self defense pen come in a variety of grip designs. Some are flexible and non-skid, while others are rigid and anti-skid. Take into consideration where each pen's pocket clip is positioned. Is it part of the pen or part of the pen cap? Is it going to intrude into your hand if you need to use it?


Tactical pens are affordable in comparison to the level of protection they give. They can be used in an emergency or deescalate a potentially deadly situation. It has many uses such as regular pen, knife, bottle opener, glass breaker, and more! They're also great for camping and hiking, and they're small enough to carry around with you!

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