Self Defense During Covid 19

Self Defense During Covid 19

Hundreds of thousands of people have died due to the Coronavirus, which has affected millions of people worldwide. COVID-19 has infected and killed approximately 26 million people to date.

To combat this common threat, countries from all around the world have linked together. They also supported each other with equipment, resources, and aid. Predators and criminals, on the other hand, are attempting to take advantage of this worldwide crisis. 

This virus can infect their family members, acquaintances, or even themselves is unimportant to evil predators and disgusting crooks. They see the outbreak as an excuse to carry out their assassinations and atrocities. 

Social Distancing and Self Defense Benefits

We can now witness social separation all over the place. Restaurant tables are 6 feet apart, while shoppers are 6 feet apart in a line. Restaurants in New York City will no longer be able to jam five neighboring tables into a 15-foot space.

Self-defense may benefit from these new social distance norms. Everyone must be 6 feet apart because, in self-defense, distance is your friend. This means that if you notice someone questionable approaching you, you can cross the street without being considered disrespectful. You can step away from a strange gentleman standing too near to you in public, and it will not be offensive.

Social Distancing Self Defense Tips 

A predator's ability to physically harm you is hampered by distance. You have more time to arm yourself and prepare to combat an attacker while you are at a distance. You can see and assess a potential threat from a safe distance. You can get away from a potential threat by putting some distance between yourself and the threat.

Take advantage of the new social distance norm. When you're feeling uncomfortable, cross the street, take a step back, be honest and strong about claiming your 6 feet of personal space, and create distance.

Face Coverings and Personal Protection Concerns

Face coverings are now required in many public and private settings to prevent the spread of the disease.

While this is a critical safety precaution, it also introduces new risks to personal safety.

Wearing a bandana across one's face in the middle of summer raised red flags just a year ago. In such hot weather, why is this individual covering their mouth and nose? It has to be to hide their identity and conduct a crime.

Anyone can and should cover their lips and nose nowadays, and it will not make them appear suspicious. However, we'd be willing to give a predator the benefit of the doubt if he wore a full-face mask.

Predators and criminals will undoubtedly try to take advantage of the enforced concealment to conduct crimes without revealing their true identities.

Face Covering Self Defense Tips

The only way to overcome predators' increased hiding is to be extra aware of other indicators and body language. Keep an eye out for unusual behavior, and if anything doesn't feel right, trust your instincts.

Working from Home and Social Desolateness on Safety

Employees at companies like Twitter, Square, Facebook, and Shopify can work from home for as long as they choose. But, according to Stanford research, over half of all employees now work from home, which means fewer people are on the streets, cities, and public places.

This also means that there will be fewer bystanders to assist you if you are assaulted, more barren public spaces, and more ideal circumstances for predators to find victims.

Public Desolateness Self Defense Tips

Prepare to defend yourself. Because you won't be leaving your house and going out in public as much as you did before COVID, carrying a self-defense firearm on your person won't be as inconvenient, and you'll be armed wherever you go.

Carry the self-defense weapon that is most appropriate for your situation. For example, bringing brass knuckles, or a tiny can of pepper spray, or wearing self-defense rings will suffice if you're heading to the store in the afternoon. A self-defense ring features a hidden blade that may be worn as everyday jewelry. However, if you're going for a run early in the morning or walking your dog late at night, you should have something more lethal with you, such as a knife.

Reduced Police Presence on Individual Safety and Home Security

At least 13 communities in the United States have lowered police personnel or cut money to their police departments. In the coming future, many more cities will decrease their budgets. Protests have taken place across the country and worldwide, calling for an end to systemic racism. Many people feel that defunding the police is the first step toward resolving the problem by redirecting funds to social services.

So far, New York City's police budget for 2021 has been cut by $1 billion, and Los Angeles' police budget has been cut by $150 million. In addition, San Francisco, Austin, Seattle, Oakland, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Portland, Salt Lake City, and even Washington, D.C. have decreased their police force budgets.

What Does This Mean For Self-defense?

In a perfect world, funding that would have gone to police forces would instead go to social initiatives such as homelessness, mental health care, educational programs, food access, violence prevention, and abortion access.

Investing in these social services will reduce crime, eliminating the need for a large police force.

We support the notion of putting more money into social programs because we believe it will have long-term positive benefits.

However, the result will be fewer armed police officers to serve and protect you in the short term. In addition, violence and crime across many major cities are up significantly during the pandemic.

Many people around the United States have reported that their 911 calls are going unanswered, and it’s taking police officers a long time to respond to calls. 

After a 911 call, if it takes a police cruiser 10 minutes to get to your residence, it is far too long to wait for assistance. You must be able to protect yourself or fend off an assailant until help arrives.

Home Security Self Defense Tips

Your home's security should be beefed up, which could include items like home firearms or sophisticated surveillance systems. Set traps, install new locks, wire alarms to windows and entryways, and post warning signs if we're going full prepper mode.

If you need to confine an attacker until police enforcement arrives, investing in handcuffs or shackles may be a good idea.

Keep your defense weapon with you at all times so you can get an advantage in a future fight. Keep in mind that self-defense rings are serious self-defense weapons, not toys. Here at ApeSurvival we provide the best self-defense ring for any possible confrontation!

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