6 Key Threats to a Survivalist's Way of Living

Key Threats to our Way of Living

To the people who know me in real life, they won’t hesitate to tell you that I’m a die-hard survivalist. Most have known since school, and while many of these friendships over the years have faded, my passion for a sustainable way of the life in the great outdoors has yet to dull. But looking back over the last few decades, I see a number of threats to the lifestyle we have chosen, some from big corporations, some from the government, and many others from people like you and me. It’s sad that we’re working against our very communities in many cases, and today I want to share the key threats to a survivalist’s way of living.

Your rights are being eroded

Namely, the right we all have to free speech. Since cancel culture has become such a thing, everyday citizens now have to censor and limit every word that comes out of their mouth. One slip up, one moment of frustration, and heaven forbid you say something that goes against a person or the crowd and suddenly you’re a martyr. People have been losing their jobs, their livelihoods, and have even taken their lives as a result of what going viral has done to them. And while I agree the hate that many have been shouting is wholly unacceptable, the end result is often a far harsher punishment than really should be fair.

Your privacy is being taken

From the apps you use in your phone, to the websites you browse or search online. Every bit of data is tracked, and matched up against your profile to be sold to advertisers, law enforcement, or anyone else willing to spend to gain access. It’s a vast invasion of privacy, often hidden deep within hundreds of pages in the terms and conditions you actually “agree” to when using an app. Not to mention the fact technology is empowering this. You can’t go out in public without being filmed or recorded, they’re even flying drones over my fields now. That’s not the levels of privacy I expect in a country like ours, that’s for sure.

You’re not wanted to fight

In our parents’ generation, it was expected that all of the able-bodied men would serve. In ours, many still chose to, and in doing so developed a healthy respect for firearms. In my opinion, you need firearms to defend what’s rightfully yours, to protect the common good from the bad actors that exist in every society. But with gun control legislation on the rise, the government is taking a clear stance on all of us. They don’t want us armed. They don’t want us able to fight back. Rather, to simply “toe the line.” If we’re not able to fight back, when the fight eventually comes to us, it’s going to be over dreadfully quick.

You’re meant to consume

Whenever big corporations look at people, all they see are the consumers. We’re being given devices that break after 18 months. Laptops that are obsolete within 5. Everything is produced for pennies on the dollar and is never meant to last. From the hammer in your toolbox to the vehicles designed to crumple on impact. Self-sustainability is an ideal that big corporates cannot make money off, and they’re doing everything in their power to stop it. From limiting the water you can collect on your own property, to crops genetically engineered not to go to seed. They want you “in” the system, not existing outside of it.

You’re being lied to

Fake news was a big deal a couple of years ago, but today you’ll hardly hear it mentioned. Yet, fake news hasn’t gone anywhere. And despite many of the big media platforms taking a public stance on it, you’d be surprised what’s still happening today. Content supporting your

views and what may influence you are all heavily controlled through advanced algorithms to determine the kind of content you want to learn, follow, find, hear. Solidifying any beliefs you may have, no matter if they are right or wrong. We’re no longer in the information age, it’s more like 2021 is the age of misinformation, and getting to the real truth has never been more of a challenge.

You’re labelled and dismissed

Let’s face it, while teens are flocking to ridiculous social media apps and conducting weird dances for their followers, it’s no longer “cool” to prepare for a rainy day. Survivalists are labelled and mocked, for the very same thinking our grandparents used to thrive in the new world. I’ve lost count of the times my kids have scoffed at the plans I’m making, and it’s disheartening. But just remember that it’s all a cycle, and the guys and girls like you and me will be celebrated as soon as the first crisis hits. It already happens now when I pull out a cool gadget from my molle pouch or do something neat on a camping trip. You can’t let popularity get to you.


Personal Ideas and Thoughts

Considering the amount of love I have in my heart for my fellow survivalists, it pains me when I see the challenges we face each and every day in our lives. If I happen to be doing a rather large shop, I’m getting sidelong glances from everyone in the supermarket. I have to watch my words, and what I say when I’m in public and around strangers, for fear that anything I do say is taken out of context. I’m seeing my privacy and rights disappear in front of my eyes, and all I can do is continue forward. I know I’ve chosen the right path, and in time, I’m sure the rest of the world will too. Let’s lend a little strength to our fellow patriots, and make sure we don’t bow to the pressure these threats have on our way of life.

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