How To Use a Tactical Strike Pen For Self Defense?

How To Use a Tactical Strike Pen For Self Defense?

Tactical strike pen is a must-have for anyone looking to stay safe. These strike pens can be used as an alternative self-defense weapon that you carry with you on the go. They're lightweight and easy to carry, but they pack a serious punch!

You never know when self-defense equipment like a tactical pen can come in handy. And it would help if you didn't wait for something to happen before thinking about carrying such an object with you. That thinking is backward: get the tool first, then prepare for when it happens. And, above all, know how to use it!

Nowadays, you can employ various personal security measures to assist and defend yourself from burglars or other intruders. Stun guns, teasers, led flashlight, and - what we'll be talking about today - the unassuming tactical pen is all available.

Having a tactical pen on hand to defend oneself in a life-threatening circumstance could save your life. You don't need a pistol, a knife, or anything else that is harmful.

Simply owning one of these multi-purpose pens would suffice, and they are both inconspicuous and convenient. This blog post will discuss how tactical strike pens work and what makes them such a great self-defense tool.

What Are Tactical Strike Pens Used For?

This multitool is intended to assist you in defending yourself from a potential assailant. It appears like an ordinary pen, and you can even write with it, but it's bigger and heavier, which isn't enough for someone to figure out what it's for.

This provides you an edge because the potential assailant will be unaware that you have a weapon.

Because of their small size, you may keep them in your handbag, pocket, glove box, checkbox, briefcase, or anyplace else you can easily grab them in an emergency.

Keeping it at the bottom of your purse or in a difficult-to-reach location won't help you much if you need to react swiftly.

How Do Strike Pen Works?

The standard tactical strike pen has a sharp, glass-breaking tip. It is composed of high-grade steel, similar to aircraft aluminum, ensuring that you deliver an effective strike, stopping and hopefully incapacitating the assailant.

So, in addition to writing, you can use it to deter someone from carrying out their goal by inflicting slight harm and even breaking glass if used properly. Some have extra features, such as a whistle or a Ferro fire-starting rod.

To achieve all of these things with your self-defense tactical pen, you must first learn to use it properly. Otherwise, your tactical pen will be ineffective, if not deadly, to you.

What Are The Effective Usage of Tactical Pen?

When it comes to self-defense with tactical pens, there are a few strategies you can employ to prevent the attacker from attacking you and causing harm.

First and foremost, you must have a strategy. To avoid giving the assailant the idea that you're an easy target, try to appear more aggressive than you are. Of course, it's easier said than done, but if you're equipped, and they don't realize it, you at least have an advantage.

Second, take a brief look at your opponent to pinpoint specific body parts. Their face, particularly their eyes and nose, the base of their neck, sternum, throat, armpits, ribs, groin, and knees are the most vulnerable targets.

They do have a lot of weak points. If you suspect someone will hurt you, think of them as a dummy that you'll poke with your writing pen rather than a terrifying attacker.

They don't deserve mercy if they've crossed the line and are on their way to get you. So prepare to administer a dose of their own medicine.

Of course, in a dangerous scenario, you'd stab them anywhere you could, but imagine the anguish they'll feel and how weak they'll become if you puncture them between the ribs with the sharp point of a tactical pen.

They're not going to do much after that, but if you do get a shot in, don't let off your guard until you're free and clear. Again, the goal isn't to take them down but to get out of there as quickly as possible!

Third, attack your opponent hard and immediately when you do strike. You must act quickly and deliver an effective strike on one of the vulnerable targets or at the very least a few good attacks in other areas.

Because the ballpoint pen is long enough to come out both ways from your hand, if your tactical pen has ridges on the top, you can use it in both directions, striking upward and downward.

Fourth, instead of just one strike, make several. Likely, the initial strike won't be enough to deter the assailant, especially if you don't manage to stab them in the appropriate spot and with enough force, so aim to make multiple swift and powerful strikes.

Consider it this way: They aim to harm you. That is their goal. So, your best bet is to focus all of your efforts on the initial line of defense, getting as many shots in as possible before they can do any damage to you.

It might help if you shout in their faces to throw them off while you're doing it. These guys may be large and ugly, but they're not expecting you to be a ball of wrath with a lethal pen aimed at them, so give them what they're not expecting.

But the essential thing is to get those strikes to connect.

What To Do If Your Attacker Gets You By The Neck?

Consider a circumstance in which one of the attacker's hands clutches your throat, and you can't reach anything but the hand that's holding you around your neck. That is, without a doubt, a bad circumstance.

Targeting the attacker's eyes, throat, sternum, or other susceptible points isn't an option in this situation, especially if you're a tiny girl.

In such a situation, you should go for your tactical pen with the hand nearest it and stab the opponent's arm over your neck a few times.

They won't stop even if they cover their faces with both hands. Continue until the assailant is rendered ineffective or you have created enough space to attempt to flee.

More Strategies

Here are more of the strategies and techniques in using your discreet self defense tool, yes your tactical pen.

Use Your Tactical Pen as a Sword or Stick

That's correct. Using your strike pen tactical pen, you can make a sword or a stick. Simply strike forcefully and maintain a solid hold. You will inflict severe agony on your adversary, which will deter him from causing harm.

Remember, if you strike your opponent with a powerful blow and they become stunned or disoriented, this is the greatest opportunity to flee.

Use It as a Knife

Poke your opponent with your tactical pen turned upside down.

If you have the appropriate angle, you can easily hurt their eyes, which is a blow they won't recover from quickly, giving you time to flee the situation. You can also use the tactical pen as a bottle opener, a multi-tool indeed!

Use as Glass Breaker

A glass breaker tip is another useful feature of this strike pen self-defense equipment. It can be used to release oneself or another person from a vehicle or other enclosed location with a thick glass door or window.


Tactical pens and other self-defense tools could save your life, and they are not toys.

Before you acquire a tactical pen, make sure you have all of the necessary information, and after you have one, take the time to learn how to use it properly, as we stated above.

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