How to Use a Strike Light Tactical Torch in a Tactical Situation

How to Use a Strike Light Tactical Torch in a Tactical Situation

The strike light tactical torch is a hand-held flashlight that can be used in the field, at the campsite, or for emergency use. It has many uses and can be found at most camping stores. The strikelight tactical flashlight or torch is durable aluminum with an anti-slip grip, making it easy to carry around when out in the woods. This article will discuss the flashlight capability and how you could use a strike light tactical torch in a tactical situation.

What Is a Tactical Torch?

We're not talking about any old flashlight in today's post. It's a tactical torch we're talking about. So what distinguishes a flashlight from a torch? A tactical torch is a flashlight that has been specifically built for tactical use.

Many torch tactical flashlight are intended to be mounted to a weapon for low-light shooting. However, they produce far more light and are constructed of weapon-grade aluminum for long-term endurance. While tactical flashlights are primarily intended for military and police use, they can also be used as civilians' everyday and personal defense weapons.

Why Every Man Should Carry a Tactical Torch?

Let's speak about why you should start carrying a flashlight even if you don't plan on utilizing it to stop would-be attackers before we get into the tactical and basic defense skills and uses of a flashlight. A tactical torch and a pocket knife are among the handiest and adaptable tools a man can have in his everyday Carry kit.

A tactical torch can help you in a power outage or emergency. If you're ever lost or injured while hiking or camping, a tactical torch can be the difference between life and death. Having light to disorient an attacker can allow you to escape in a self-defense situation.

Power outages can occur at any time and for extended periods. Therefore, when navigating about your nighttime flat, having a flashlight on you can save you time and toe stubs.

A tactical torch can also be used as an effective self-defense tool, in addition to helping you mend electrical connections or navigate your home during a power loss.

Why Tactical Torch is The Most Underestimate Tool For Self Defense?

A flashlight is essential for low-light shooting if you use a pistol as a personal defense weapon. It aids in target identification and lets you see your rifle sights in the dark. Even if you don't carry a pistol for self-defense, a tactical torch might come in handy in a pinch if utilized appropriately. They may be brought into locations where guns or stun gun are prohibited, such as movie theaters and aircraft, and are ideal for men who reside in nations with tight weapons laws but still want to carry a weapon for self-defense.

Helps Identify Threats

Attackers frequently use the advantage of darkness. In low-light situations, a powerful flashlight can aid in identifying threats and negate the advantage of an assailant creeping in the shadows. Unfortunately, it's sometimes enough just to shine a light on a horrible individual to make him flee.

Momentarily Disorients Attackers

When it was dark outside, have you ever had a bright blinding light beam in your eyes? You were most likely bewildered, if not completely blinded. However, you can use your natural reaction to bright light to protect yourself from potential assailants.

When you come across a potential threat, shine your flashlight squarely in their eyes or "dominate their face," and your assailant will likely bring his hands up to his face, disorienting and semi-blinding him for three to four seconds. This provides you with plenty of time to leave or attack.

Improvised Weapon

A serrated or toothed bezel is found on some tactical flashlights. These customized bezels are marketed as tools that may be used to break car windows in an emergency.

During an attack, you can utilize the bezel of a tactical torch as an improvised hitting device. After you've disoriented your adversary by shining the light in his eyes, hit his face as hard as you can with the toothed bezel. Stamping him with a large rubber stamp should be the motion.

Which Tactical Torch Is the Best in Tactical Situations?

As a result, a tactical torch is an excellent self-defense weapon. Which one do you think you should get? There are approximately 100 different models available on the market. It will usually come down to your money and personal preference, which one you choose. However, there are a few features to look for when choosing a tactical flashlight for regular use:

  • Small. You want something that you can keep in your pocket all day. The size of your flashlight should be no larger than your hand.
  • The light output of at least 120 lumens is required. A flashlight must be bright enough to cause attackers to become disoriented before it may be used as a self-defense tool. Anything less than 120 lumens isn't going to cut it.
  • Simple. There are flashlights with strobe lights or SOS light functions on the market, as well as flashlights that allow you to adjust the brightness of your light output based on how many times you press the on/off switch. While many tactical lighting users swear by these qualities, Mike advises against them. You don't want a flashlight that is so complicated that you can't use the main function (strong light) when you need it the most. A basic on/off switch should suffice.
  • Waterproof. You need an amazing flashlight that can be used in any situation. Get a waterproof flashlight that will work in the rain or other moist environments.
  • The construction is tough. Get a flashlight that can survive a lot of use because your flashlight will be used a lot. Choose one that is composed of hard-anodized aluminum. It's a robust metal that's also a light weight device. Also, make sure the flashlight's metal is machined to make it comfortable grip. You don't want to lose your flashlight when it's most needed.

Which is Best LED or Incandescent?

Is it better to use LEDs or incandescent bulbs? When incandescent bulbs are dropped, they break easily, whereas LEDs can take a battering. In addition, incandescent lamps waste a lot of electricity. You'll go through light bulbs and flashlight batteries much faster than you'll go through LED bulbs.


Consistent training is essential for all firearms disciplines. It's especially crucial if you've never fired with one hand before. If you have access to an outdoor gun range that is open after dark, take advantage of it. You can and should practice firing your gun one-handed while holding a flashlight in your non-dominant hand even if you don't have access to a low-light gun range. Tactical torch has all the features of a tactical flashlight combined with an extendable security baton. 

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