How to Escape when you're being Hunted

How to Escape when you're being Hunted
After the SHTF things are going to get ugly real quick. No matter what has happened, you're now looking to find somewhere to lay-low until things either return to normal, or you can fortify yourself against the rest of the world. It will be a sad day when we can no longer rely on the authorities to protect us, but as a survivalist preparing for this ultimate eventuality is just good common sense. Today, we're going to cover how you can escape from a determined group of "hunters" who are intent on tracking you down. I'd like to reiterate that these techniques we're covering today are to help you stay safe from one of the most dangerous things once a society collapses, other people. It's not intended as a guide for criminals intent on evading the law. This article is simply a guide to keeping yourself safe once a disaster has struck, by evading the people intent on capturing you, with whatever resources they have. Now let's get to it.

Get rid of your identity

The first step is to destroy anything that can link yourself to your identity. Remove old photographs in your home, as well as journals and ID's, so that nothing you leave behind can be used to help your pursuers search and identify you. Documents, and anything that contains private information can be used as clues, so don't leave anything behind to tip them off. You should also destroy your clothing as you change towns, to throw off anyone who may have noticed what you're wearing, or to confuse any dogs following your scent.

Get out of town

The key to staying off-the-grid is to move around, so your next step is to pack up and leave town. Try to be unpredictable in your choices so anyone following you isn't able to anticipate where you're headed next, and avoid anywhere that has a special meaning to you, or you know people. If your pursuers have any of your personal information they may be able to figure out your plans, and you'll find yourself walking into a trap. So keep your mouth shut, and don't forge any new relationships with strangers as you go on the run.

Get rid of all ties

This is one of the hardest to achieve, especially if you're leaving family behind. It can be near impossible to resist reaching out to your loved ones to let them know you're alright, or to stay in touch and just catch up. Do your best to avoid calling home at all costs, as it's surprisingly easy for law enforcement to tap a phone line, and you don't want to accidentally give your loved ones any information that may lead to them being harmed by any less-than-savory pursuers.

Get rid of your bank cards and your phone

Cash is your new currency, as any transaction you perform with your ATM or credit card can be easily tracked by your bank, giving away your location to any pursuers who may be following. Bring plenty of cash as you'd be surprised at how fast it will reduce, and get rid of your smartphone. The authorities can get almost real-time data from the phone companies, making the smartphone in your pocket essentially a tracking device you're carrying by choice. You should use only disposable "burner" phones or payphones when you're on the run, and use these sparingly.

Get off-camera

There's an alarming amount of surveillance going on all around you, as pretty much every new business will get security cameras installed. Everything you do, from checking into a motel to buying groceries in a convenience store will leave a trail, if you let yourself get caught on video. Be aware when you're entering a new shop on the placement of the CCTV camera's, and do whatever you can to protect your face from being seen. Hats and big sunglasses can help, in addition to keeping your head down and pointed towards the blind-spots where the camera's cannot see.

Get a new you

The way you look and the habits you follow are two of the most telling attributes your pursuers can use to find you. Change your hair and clothing, but remember to be discrete. Your goal is to blend in and become a 'grey-man.' You want a look that is so ordinary you're not given a second glance as you pass through town to town. In a similar note, don't let your habits and patterns give you away, and change vehicles as frequently as you can. I'd also recommend using public transportation too, it's an easy way to make it through state checkpoints as buses are usually just waved through, and many companies will not check your ID as you board, making it harder for your pursuers to track you down.

Get oriented

As soon as you get into a new town, pick up a copy of a local map and get familiar with the layout of the town, in addition to any back-roads and alleys. This is a precaution in case your pursuers ever catch up, so you've got a rough idea of the area and give yourself a better chance to evade them. I'd actually follow this advice wherever you go, taking note of back-entrances and emergency exits in every building you enter, just in case.

Get your survival caches sorted

You should always have a backup plan, and even if you're hiding out in a new town, it pays to have an emergency stash of supplies at a second location. If you're discovered, the rush to escape may mean you leave valuable items behind, like your cash and your gun, so don't leave yourself vulnerable. Find a non-descript spot just outside of town to hide your backup supplies, and simply pick them up when you're leaving. Staying ahead of your pursuers can be a daunting experience, but with a little foresight and planning you can stay safe when living life on the run. The key is to be willing to pack up and move everything at the first sign of trouble, because you never know when all hell is going to break loose. The trick is to stay prepared, and stay alive.

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