How Does the Strike Pen Work?

How Does the Strike Pen Work?

Strike pens work by delivering a quick and accurate hit to an attacker's tissues and organs. If the attacker is tackled or grappled, they'll remain on the ground with minimum discomfort. They can also be used as an undercover method of gaining information from suspects, often without the suspect realizing it's happening because it doesn't leave physical marks or draw blood. Hence, there's no need for an explanation to authorities.

Strike pen is simply pepper shakers that can be taken onto airplanes without suspicion. It may sound like science fiction, but it's an excellent weapon against assailants of many types.

What Are Strike Pens Used for?

Strike pens are used for tactical purposes. It's a highly compact device that can be worn on clothing (keeping it in plain sight) or concealed in pockets, purses, under desks, and other places where master criminals keep their most valuable loot like spy cars and bomb potatoes.

The tactical strike pen is considered one of the most discreet self-defense tool available because you don't need any training with it. It can also save your life in some cases when all else fails when the only solution is to MAKE THEM GO AWAY.

Strike pens are perfect for people who want complete protection in an easy-to-use package - they're safe, effective, and discreet, AND they come with a built-in super ninja hiding spot.

How to Use a Strike Pen on a Daily Basis?

A strike pen is great to carry with you and is your ultimate defensive weapon when in a difficult situation, and it makes sense that you would want to use one on a daily basis. The best thing about strike pens is how discreet they are. They will blend in nicely with the rest of your day's tasks, including checking email for updates from work or interacting with friends on social media outlets like Facebook or Instagram.

You don't need to be subjected to stressful situations like abduction or sexual assault when carrying around a strike tactical pen inside of your bag, jacket pocket, key holder, under-seat storage compartment in your car; the list could go on and on for all of the places you'll find yourself in public.

Make it Look Like a Stick or Sword

The most popular way to make it look like a stick or sword. Strike pen self-defense techniques are very effective when defending against an attacker with a knife or blunt object. All you need do is hold the writing pen implement in your hand, arm extended away from your body, keeping the striking end of the best tactical pen pointed towards your assailant. Thrust back and forth at their side or upper body to keep them at bay. If they get too close, then swing out with an attack move that could do damage but also be succeeded for self-defense purposes -upward blow under their chin, twisting stab to the chest, backward thrusting jab to solar plexus. These techniques should be utilized whenever possible in order not to let them enter.

Pretend That Your Strike Pen is a Knife

Pretend that your strike pen is a knife. Assume the same defensive position as if you were holding an actual knife.

The best way to defend yourself with a strike pen is to never engage in physical contact with anyone, but keep it ready so you can use it if needed. Get into the defender's stance for defending against an attacker who has a knife or other weapon, and hold your hand like this: fingers curled upwards around the grip of the strike pen, thumb on top pointing outward away from your hand. Keep thumb out from your hand so you won't break it when aiming for something complex like an eye socket or nose bridge.

Use the Strike Pen for a Verbal Self-Defense

Use the Strike Pen for a Verbal Self-Defense by showing the attacker that you are armed and willing to use it; a strike pen is a powerful deterrent. Once the opponent recognizes your readiness to defend yourself using an ordinary object, they may choose not to pursue any further violence against you for fear of getting stabbed or cut. A strike pen can even corner an assailant until they know the police will be arriving on the scene.

Strike Pens as Tactical Weapons

A Strike Pens can undoubtedly be used as a tactical weapon for its intended purpose; it is best to use the principles of defense that special forces carry over to all other objects. Shields can block most strikes but are vulnerable against kicks or knees. Parries are best countered with an attack in the moment of telegraphing. Blocks are typically used when sidestepping is unavailable. They provide some degree of this protection by giving you time to form distance between yourself and your opponent before following through with an attack.

What Are the Features of a Strike Pen?

A strike pen is a self-defense weapon an ideal choice for many people. These pens look and feel like a regular pen, but they can cause serious harm with just one touch. For example, with just a quick jab of the point into someone's throat, you could induce shock and pain that renders them helpless and at your mercy.

Some features of a strike pen are professional grade with clips on both sides to keep it in place while writing; long-lasting ink giving superior performance unlike other pens; lightweight for optimal portability to use anywhere without drawing too much attention; flawless balance not far from its standard counterparts.

What Are the Things to Keep in Mind While Using a Strike Pen?

This is a pen you can use to strike an attacker. It's made of metal and about the size and width of your average ballpoint pen. While using this type of pen for self-defense, there are many things to keep in mind, such as legality, physical safety, and emotional well-being issues that might arise from carrying it or striking someone with it.

Here are another five things to keep in mind while using a strike pen:

  • Strike pens are not designed for hard contact; they may break under extreme force. 
  • Carrying your protection device concealed is illegal in some states (including Illinois). 
  • Ideally, it would help if you tried to use your voice or body language first before carrying anything as a form of self-defense.
  • While the blunt end of the pen may be painful enough to deter an attacker up close, it's unlikely that it will do permanent damage with one blow. 
  • It's not recommended that you rely solely on your strike pen if the situation is life-threatening - but having one is better than nothing!


The strike pen is the perfect survival tool for self-defense. It looks like a pen, but it's a weapon that can be used to stop an attacker in their tracks by striking them with one quick motion of your arm. The Strike Pen has features that make this possible, including its ergonomically designed grip and lightweight design. Plus, you don't have to worry about running out of ink because the Strike Pen uses permanent markers which will never run dry. If you're interested in picking up your self-defense tactical pen or want more information on how they work, visit

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