Fight back with deathly quiet weapons

Fight back with deathly quiet weapons

Being able to defend yourself is critical in a crisis, and sometimes you’ve not got the ability to be as noisy as you like. Firing a gun can sound a beacon, alerting any other bad guys within earshot exactly where you are. Of course, having a firearm is always your best form of defense, but when the situation calls for it, having a few “quiet” weapons can give you an edge, especially if you’re wanting to keep the element of surprise.

Because once a gun goes off, the bad guys will know exactly where you are. You need a way to fight back that allows you to stay quiet, and defend your family without giving away your position. Use these weapons to give yourself a fighting chance to survive.   

The fireman’s axe

I still remember the corner store I worked as a kid. It was knocked over twice before the owner hung a bright orange “fire safety” axe behind the counter, and for the next three years that I worked there we didn’t have any more issues. Because an axe is a frightening thing, and it’s one of my favorite quiet weapons. One hefty swing that connects will take most opponents down in a single blow, without all the noise a gunshot adds to the fight. The only trouble is you will need room to maneuver, so it’s not ideal if you’re needing to defend yourself in close quarters. Make sure you’ve got enough space to swing, and aim for a fatal strike at the neck or the head to cut off any noise from your opponent. 

The concealed knife

One of the most frightening weapons you can bring to a fight is a knife. Able to slash, stab, and cut your opponent even in tight corners, a well-placed blow from a knife will end a fight with even the largest opponent rather quick. If you don’t believe me, try using a sharpie instead of a knife in a mock attack with a friend. Even in the hands of an untrained opponent, it’s likely they’ll mark your skin with one or two good “stabs” before you win the fight, which could likely be life-threatening injuries if it were a real knife you were facing. They’re sharp, savage, and do an incredible amount of damage with very little effort. You’ll want to target the throat to stop any screams dead in their tracks, just be quick and efficient with your strike and your opponent won’t know what hit them. 

The tactical torch

Probably the best dual-purpose tool that I keep in my nightstand is a strikelight tactical torch. Even if the power goes out it gives me the ability to flick it on with the press of a button, and I’ve got the ability to see. But the kicker is the design. Its heavily weighted aluminum casing becomes a perfect baton, and you can even turn the strobe effect on to blind and disorientate your attacker before you sneak in to strike. With a wrist strap to ensure it always stays securely in your grasp, the beveled tip will cut and lacerate on impact, while your attacker goes down before they even realize what’s happened. Simply flick the switch and start swinging, the temple is the perfect target for   

The pepper spray

What I like best about pepper spray is the range. It’s also extremely quiet to use but you’re going to need a quick follow up attack or you risk your opponent’s screams drawing as much attention as a gunshot would anyway. On impact they will experience temporary blindness, coughing and difficulty breathing, and start sneezing uncontrollably. The perfect situation for you to step in with a finishing blow. If I’m checking a noise in my home during the night, you can bet I’ve got my strikelight in one hand, and a canister of pepper spray in the other. And the best part is it’s completely non-lethal (though it hurts like the devil). 

The keychain stinger

Unfortunately, we can’t always set a time or place for an altercation, and it’s important you’ve always got a way to defend yourself that isn’t going to raise attention. One thing I’ve always got with me are my keys, and while bunching these up in my fist does give me an edge in a fight, the damage I can inflict with a proper keychain stinger is substantial. Gripped in my fist the pointed blade sticks through and out of my fingers to create a devastatingly powerful “spike” that you can use to hit over and over again. It’s small enough that I can always carry it with me without arousing suspicion, and I take comfort knowing I’ve always got a hidden weapon with me should I ever need it in a fight. 

The self-defense pen 

In what’s easily the most concealable weapon you’ll ever come across, the strikepen is exactly what it sounds like. A heavy improvisation of a typical pen, it’s the perfect tool for your everyday carry because you’re not going to have problems taking it anywhere. Plus, it also works like an actual pen for added stealth. Held tight in your fist the strikepen gives you a hardened knockout end, and at the other a DNA collector tip. Designed to cut away a chuck of your attacker on impact, for forensics to identify the suspect later. Perfect if you’re fighting off a particularly vicious attack that you do not want your opponent to get away with. You’ll have the evidence you need to take them down.

Being able to defend yourself without making too much noise is a key survival skill. With the right weapons in easy reach you’ll be able to fight back while staying deathly quiet, critical if you want to take down an opponent without all their friends heading straight for you.

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