Deadly knife attacks to win any fight

Deadly knife attacks to win any fight

If you’re outmanned in a fight, one of the best ways to even the playing field is to introduce a weapon. There’s a wide variety of different products you can use with defense in mind, whether that’s a stun gun, a canister of pepper spray, or even a blunt object like a strike light, but depending on the situation you find yourself in, it may call for an outcome that’s a little more extreme. Your life might be in immediate danger, and without swift action you could find yourself in serious trouble. That’s when you should consider a knife.

But first, I need to make an important disclaimer. The techniques you will learn in the remainder of this article are intended to be education only, as their use will inflict severe damage to your opponent. , You will be in serious legal trouble after introducing a knife to a fight. Not only does it escalate the conflict you’re in, you also need to consider the outcome. Attacking someone with a knife will usually have a lethal outcome, so only ever use it as a last result, when you are all out of other options and your life is on the line.

Focus on fast attacks

In a fight, you want to end it as quickly as possible. The faster you can put your opponent down, the less risk you face in getting seriously hurt yourself. So these attacks you’re about to learn are designed with speed in mind, a fight ending move that’ll allow you to escape whatever situation you’ve found yourself in. Inflicting serious damage as fast as possible.

Punch and slash

The whole goal behind this attack is to use the force of your punch to tear a devastating cut along your opponent’s face, neck, arms, or whatever fleshy part of their body is exposed. Hold the knife tightly in your dominant hand, with the blade pointing downwards. Now clench your fist tightly around the handle. This bolsters your punch so you’ve got more weight behind the right cross you’re about to throw, but it also means that as you punch extends the blade of the knife will slash too. If you’re punching and attacking their face or the neck, you will leave a large gaping slash thanks to the trailing knife blade.

Clench and attack

If you’ve ever seen a prison fight in a movie, where they’re using shivs to take an opponent down, this technique follows a similar approach. Conceal the knife in your dominant hand, keeping the blade low and out of sight, with the blade pointed up. You want to get in close to your opponent, close enough that you can grab their hair, their collar, or the back of their neck with your other hand, and pull them into the knife you’re stabbing them with. Target a soft area, like their neck, or their stomach, and perform a swift attack stabbing multiple times. The more puncture wounds you can make, the more damage you will do, and the faster they will go down for the count. 

Dive and stab

Against a larger opponent you’ve got to use your wits against them, and often a hail mary approach is a great way to catch them off guard. Plant your feet and dive for their midsection, putting all your weight into your shoulder that’s driving forward. Hopefully you’ll have off-balanced them enough that you both fall down, and you can start stabbing at their inner thigh. This is where your femoral artery lies, and once it’s nicked they will bleed out in minutes. If you don’t quite knock them down in your initial dive, hug their waist and reach around with your knife, to slash and stab at their inner thighs. They won’t be expecting it, and you’re likely to land a fight-ending slash.

Ice pick hammer

Now this one involves a similar grip technique to the punch and slash, but instead of striking out you’re going to be using the weight of your arm like a hammer. Or with the knife firmly in your grip, it actually is a lot more like an ice pick. It’s best done if your opponent is momentarily distracted, so you can put the full weight of your swing behind the attack, targeting vulnerable areas like where their shoulder meets their neck, their face or even their ribs and underarms. Your fist and knife together will create a force that drives the knife straight in, going deep to do the maximum amount of damage to your opponent.

Never throw your knife

Finally, and I hope this is obvious. But your knife is only good to you as long as you’re in control of it. Hollywood likes to make a big deal with fancy knife throws that verge on the edge of impossibility, and the only reason this works is due to the special effects. Throwing a knife will likely to inflict some damage, but it’s a gamble. You’ve got to consider the distance, the power in your throw, and the moving target, which all combine to give you a poor likelihood that your throw will find its target. In most cases, you’re simply losing the one weapon you had, and potentially giving a deadly knife to your opponent. You should never throw your knife.

There’s no question that a knife in a fight will do considerable levels of damage, and as a result you need to be very aware of the consequences of your actions. Yes, it may give you the upper hand, but don’t forget the legal issues that can arise. Only ever use a knife to fight back if you have no other choice and your life really is on the line. It’s just not worth it otherwise.

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