Christmas Presents for the Survivalist in your Life

Christmas Presents for the Survivalist in your Life
When I talk about preparedness, it's quite obvious to anyone around me that I'm very passionate about the topic. And with Christmas coming up, it's difficult to know what to get the survival enthusiast in your life. Even if they're just someone who enjoys hiking, or they're a full-on doomsday prepper. Being prepared is their downfall. Because it seems like they have one of everything already, they can be really difficult to find the right gift for. In today's post, we've rounded up the best survival items to ensure you're stuffing your loved ones' stocking with some killer gifts. There's nothing better for Christmas than being a little better prepared.

A convenient multi-tool

I can't imagine not having a multi-tool handy with me each and every day. When you need to tighten up a loose screw or loosen a bolt, it's not possible for me to be trekking all over my property to get what I need from my toolshed, I'd lose half the day just walking between the two. And it's not practical to carry all my tools with me (if I even could). But there's a compromise. It's called a multi-tool. This one is small enough to clip onto my keyring, which means I'll have it handy at all times, no matter what I'm doing. I particularly like the different wrench settings this model features, which isn't usually common in a key-ring multi-tool, and is what makes this gift a stand out.

A bullet bottle opener

This is one of our most popular items in the store, and a must-have for any gun enthusiasts. It's just so cool. It's essentially just a bullet-shaped bottle opener, and is cut so that it'll open any pop-top bottle. So no more struggling trying to pop your beers with a key you're worried about breaking, or chewing up the edge of your furniture as you slam each new bottle open. The bullet bottle opener is designed from a 1/10" cartridge so it's thick and solid in your hand, and stands 3.8" tall. It also comes in a display box that makes it perfect for a gift. I handed some of these out at my work's Secret Santa last week, and they were the biggest hit of the night by far.

A can of pepper spray

Apart from a gun, pepper spray is one of the best self-defense items money can buy. It's small, conveniently fits in your backpack or handbag, and is often a purchase people feel self-conscious about buying. I don't understand why, but many of our students don't feel comfortable buying this themselves. In my opinion, you can never have enough pepper spray. I've got two canisters in my car, one I take with me to work, and one or two in each of my bug out caches. So, get your loved ones a can of pepper spray, and ensure they've got the means to protect themselves against whoever they come up against. Our Devil Juice spray is rated up to 6 feet of spray, which is perfect for fighting off an attacker. Just make sure you understand the regulations in your state before you buy, in certain states there are restrictions on who can own and use pepper spray. So check first.

A survival shovel

This shovel has quickly earned its place in my camping kit, as it's just so damn handy. In addition to its primary use digging holes, there are a number of cool additions that make this shovel a multi-tool in its own right. What I have found most useful is the fire-starting rod encased in the handle, along with the ability to use the shovel as both an axe and a saw. It makes it so easy to both collect firewood, and get the fire going. On our last camping trip we go rained out, and by chance I had just ordered this shovel a month or so before. I was able to use it to dig a trench around our tent, so we stayed warm and dry while many other campers had to pack up and leave.

Gun-range splatter targets

I'm a big promoter of getting regular practice in with your firearms, and one thing I can always use more of is targets for the range. I go through these like you would not believe, and I'm sure any other gun enthusiasts feel the same. You can never have enough targets. But what I like about these targets are the adhesive backing so it's easy to stick up, and that each shot glows with a bright yellow so you can easily make adjustments as you're shooting. I sometimes struggle identifying my shots when using a white target, this is perfect for me.

A tactical flashlight

Being able to see at night can make all the difference if you're in a dangerous encounter, and a tactical flashlight not only helps light up the area, you can use it offensively to blind and disorientate an attacker. Plus, if you order this set, you'll also get a pair of rechargeable lithium batteries, and a charger, so you're not constantly having to buy one-use batteries. What I like most about this flashlight is how long it lasts off a single charge, you can get up to 5-6 hours on full power. Oh, and there's are a number of different brightness settings you can try too. When it comes to buying the perfect gift for the survivalist in your life, don't overthink it. We tend to like practical items, that we will definitely use in our bug-out kits and daily life. Buy something that's got a real use, and you're already onto a winner. From everyone here at APE Survival. We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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