Best Magnetic Gun Mount [for Home and Vehicle]

Best Magnetic Gun Mount [for Home and Vehicle]

The Magnetic Gun Mount is the best gun magnet mount on the market. The Magnetic Gun Mount securely attaches to any vehicle, including motorcycles and boats. It features a tactical grip that secures your firearm in place, so it will not shift or move when you are driving or boating. You can also use it at home for target practice!

What Is The Best Magnetic Gun Mount (For Home and Vehicle)?

The gun magnet is the most excellent magnetic gun mount you can get for your home or vehicle. It is built in the United States and may easily be installed in your home or car. The best part is that mounting can be done without screws or with screws if desired. This tool also makes your rifle more accessible and allows for one-handed racking. Ape Survival has made one of the most useful magnetic gun mount. 

Why do you need a gun magnet in your car?

Those of us who carry handguns daily don't have many options for keeping our firearm ready if it isn't on our hip. It might be excruciating on our waists when we're in the automobile. So some people may remove it and store it elsewhere.

The glove box is useless because it is far away and challenging to get if you need your gun urgently. The center console is in the same boat. Also, you might not be able to or want to install it there with the passenger seat to be prepared in some emergency situations and for our safety.

Gun mount holds your weapon or any heavy-duty handgun with gun magnets. It's made such that you may rack the slide while retrieving it. The concept is brilliant, gives you quick access, and it is without a doubt the most excellent magnetic gun mount available.

How the Magnetic Gun Mount works

People who don't want to store or carry their rifle with a cartridge in the chamber. Then, when your gun is in the mount, you only need one hand to rack the slide.

To rack the slide, push forward on the gun when you grab the grip. You pull down off the mount after racking, and your pistol is in the ready position.

That's all there is to it. It's significantly faster than drawing your weapon and then racking it with your other hand. Furthermore, the one-handed rack would be pretty helpful if you required your gun while driving or fighting someone off.

The best gun magnet for your house

This mount is suitable for everyone, regardless of how they carry it. For example, you can have your firearm or many firearms strategically positioned in your residence or keep them easily accessible in your automobile.

As long as the surface is flat, this gun mount can be installed in almost any place. Aside from your automobile, you can put it in your safe, under tables, on nightstands, on walls, in entrances, or wherever else you like.

You can mount with no screws

It's simple to set up the Vulcan Quick Draw. 

The magnetic mount comes with four mounting screws when purchased. Although using these screws is simple, many users prefer to use 3M mounting tape.  The 3M tape works just as well as the screws to keep the mount in place. When you don't have access to a drill or don't want to drill, the mounting tape comes in handy.

Made in the USA gun magnet

The Magnetic Gun Magnet is made in the United States. it is devised a unique tactical magnet construction and design to ensure that any flat top gun is held safely and securely. Furthermore, they created it with improved magnets designed to grip over the roughest and most challenging terrain.

Are magnetic gun mounts bad for guns?

The entire mount is covered in a scratch-resistant premium plastic covering. This is to ensure that your gun's finish is not harmed. This is significant since no one wants to use anything that will harm their firearm. I've had mine for almost a year and can attest that it will not scratch your firearm. I also went through a lot of reviews and didn't find anyone complaining about damage. It's safe to assume that you won't have to worry about the Quick Draw scratching or damaging your gun in any way.

Does a gun magnet work on all guns?

Unfortunately, as much as I love this device and wish I could use it with all of my guns, that is not the case. 

This amount is only compatible with flat-top firearms. All striker-fired guns should be included. M&Ps and Glocks, for example, are excellent choices. Smaller firearms, such as the 380 Bodyguard, will not function. The magnet will hold it in place, but it isn't large enough to rack the slide on the mount. Unfortunately, it does not work with 1911s. Even with solid magnets, their weight is too much for it to hold secure.  I can assure you that a Glock 19 gun mounted with a fully loaded magazine will stay put and not budge.


Overall, the Magnetic Gun Mount is a fantastic device and mounting hardware that every gun owner should consider purchasing. You would not be sorry even if you just got one for your car. The magnetic gun mount is the way to go if you want to feel more comfortable and secure in your vehicle or have a firearm installed in your home.

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