Why Aggression is your Best Ally in a Fight

Why Aggression is your Best Ally in a Fight
When you're in a street fight, getting aggressive can be one of your best allies. Because to successfully defend yourself, you need to have an aggressive mindset. One that initiates and responds to the attacker, instead of waiting for them to come to you. Some people like to call this, "getting a little crazy" and I agree, no one wants to fight a crazy person. But there's a right way to do it, and a right way to channel your aggression. If you're just seeing red and swinging with no rhyme or reason, things could get ugly fast.

Don't get into a fight to start with

Now before we get into the article today, it's important to make this clear. The very best way to win a fight is to avoid getting in the fight to start with. That's your only guaranteed win. Step away from the fight, to avoid injury, or worse. Not only that, you should develop your own situational awareness. There are always people out there looking for a fight. Perhaps they're hanging around a bar stirring up trouble. Or tucked inside an alleyway wanting to jump you for your wallet. The smart thing to do is be aware of your situation. Don't walk into dodgy areas, where you're going to get confronted by dodgy people. And if you are, be willing to swallow your pride and walk away. A few bruises to your ego is better than a few punches, which could land you in hospital. But often, you don't get a choice, so here's what to do next.

Bring out your crazy factor

Imagine you see a tweaker walking down the street, twitching and obviously high on meth or some other substance. You probably won't want to cross paths with them, because you know they're unpredictable, and you never really know how it'll go, right? You need to channel your inner crazy factor. Demonstrate you're not actually scared but you're eager for the fight. Your goal is not only to "weird out" your opponent, but show them, make them believe you actually want the fight. And the crazier you are, the better your chances your opponent backs down because they decide it's not worth it. Think Tyson biting off Holyfield's ear, that's a crazy factor. Embrace it, no one wants to fight a crazy person.

Initiate and throw the first punch

Now this kind of goes against what most martial arts teach, but in my mind, the only way to get an initial advantage in a fight is to initiate. Especially if you're facing a bigger, stronger or more experienced opponent. You need to start the fight, and throw the first punch. I'm completely serious. When you know the fight will eventually break out, channel your inner aggression and throw the first punch. Hopefully it'll catch your opponent off guard while he's still in your face. Land a solid punch to the jaw with a knuckle duster and you may even end the fight right then and there, clean and out with a single swing.

Use every advantage you have

Remember, you're in a street fight here and there's no sense in being chivalrous. Your opponent isn't going to play nice, so get mad, get angry, and use every advantage you have at your disposal, and anything you can grab to use as a weapon. Your elbows are naturally all bone, and are great for striking your opponent's head in close range. Headbutts can shatter their nose. Bite them. Scratch. Tear their hear. Gouge their eyes. Aim for weak points like the neck, temple, or even their knees. And if you're fighting a guy, don't be afraid of a strong kick or a knee to the groin. Use every advantage you have.

Remember your training

In a professional fight, it's a given that the most aggressive fighter will win. They're the one initiating the attack, taking advantage of any openings, and ultimately, they prevail. In a street fight, things aren't always equal. Usually, it's the person with the most training and experience who wins a fight. The one who remembers to keep their guard up when striking. Who knows how to plant their feet and throw a powerful punch. Being aggressive doesn't mean you forget all of your self-defense training. The key is a balance, adding power and aggression to your fighting technique, while still being tactical in the fight.

Don't stop till it's over

Finally, it's important to make sure your opponent is down for the count before you step back. If you manage to gain the upper hand in a fight, don't hold back. That's an advantage you've created, and your chance to go in swinging and end the fight. Do not stop until your opponent is down, and knocked out. The last thing you want to happen is for them to recover, get a second wind or land a lucky shot, and now you're suddenly on the ropes. This is critical, especially if your opponent outweighs you or has more fighting experience. Keep punching till it's done. Until your opponent is unconscious, on the ground and poses no further threat. Just be careful here. It's possible to get caught up in the moment, and there's no shortage of horrible fight videos where someone has continued to strike when it's quite obvious their opponent is knocked out. If you continue to strike them unnecessarily, you can deliver serious brain damage, even death. Once they're knocked out, the fight is over. That's when you stop. And once it's done, take a step back but don't drop your guard. There may be a friend coming to "help" the person you've just taken down. Don't let them get the drop on you. Only once you're sure it's safe, and the fight is over, should you use the opportunity you've created to escape.

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