The Vital Points that you need to Target in a Fight

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The Vital Points that you need to Target in a Fight

If you're in a street fight you're already in big trouble. Your opponent will have no qualms about fighting dirty, and there's a big possibility you're going to get seriously injured before the fight is over. There's only one way around this. End the fight as fast as possible. The faster you can eliminate your opponent, the better. You need to get aggressive, get on the offensive, and fight like your life depends on it. Because it just might. But hitting and kicking for the sake of it will not do you very good at all. If you want to be an effective fighter, you need to target specific areas on your opponent. Specific places that cause an exponential amount of pain from even just a moderate strike. These are known as vital points, and if you want to win a fight, here's where you need to be attacking. The temple. This is the flat section on either side of your opponent's head, about an inch back from their eyes. It's also the thinnest part of the skull. Land a blow here and you'll knock them out, do it hard enough and you'll give them concussion, perhaps even severing the artery that runs underneath that will result in a coma, followed by death. The eyes. Gouging or jabbing into your opponent's eyes will cause them to water, blurring their vision so that you can get an opportunity to land a stronger follow up strike. Do it hard enough and you can cause temporary blindness, and if you're using a weapon stabbing through the eyes can easily penetrate the skull behind the eyes to hit the brain and cause death. The nose. As one of the most easily broken bones in the body, a strike on the nose will cause your opponent's eyes to water along with a huge amount of pain. You can strike with an open hand "chopping" attack or use a palm heel strike to push up from underneath. This is a surprisingly effective attack, and it also protects your fist from any damage. There's a surprising amount of bones in the head and if you land a punch wrong you can break and fracture your knuckles. The chin. The key to striking the chin or the jaw is to cause whiplash, so the force from the hit rattles the brain around in their head and knocks them out. An uppercut is a great way to target the chin or strike it from the side with a strong hook. Just make sure they don’t see it coming. If your opponent tenses up their neck and shoulders they can nullify much of your strike. The neck. You've got two targets here. A powerful punch to the throat can crush the windpipe making it impossible to breathe and cause a severe amount of pain. If you strike the side of the neck you want to aim for the area just below where the jawbone connects to the skull. Hit here and you'll cause unconsciousness, it's one of the best places you can aim for to take down an opponent. The kidneys. If you're hitting the body you want to be targeting the kidneys. They sit on either side of the spine, just above the buttocks. A powerful blow here can cause shock, but it's much better to stab them if you happen to have a knife or a strike pen. You'll cause your opponent to go into instant shock, and if you cut deep enough the internal bleeding will take them out quickly. The groin. This is much more effective against a male opponent, but it is also a sensitive spot for a female attacker. If you land even a moderate strike here you can cause a crippling amount of pain to gain the upper hand in a fight. Hit hard and you can knock your opponent out, I recommend using a knee strike or a kick to target the groin. The knees. As one of the major supporting joints of the body, it takes a relatively small amount of effort to do significant damage to the knee. You just need to attack it from the side. You can dislocate it with a sweeping kick or use your weight to bend it in the "wrong" range of motion. Take out your opponent's knee, and they will not be able to stand or continue fighting. But targeting these areas is just the start. You need the right self-defensive items if you want to gain the upper hand in a fight, as there's only so much damage your fists, elbows and knees can do. My advice is to always carry pepper spray. If you're in a fight it can momentarily blind your opponent and give you the chance to land a more fight-winning strike. I'd also recommend having something to hit with. Like a mini crowbar or a strike pen. The amount of force you can deliver with a weapon designed to inflict pain far exceeds what you can do with your fists. Grip the strike pen in your fist like a hammer and use it to smash and stab at your opponent. You'll be surprised at just how effective it can be. When it comes to winning a fight, my only advice is to not hold anything back. You have no idea how far your opponent will push it, and in a street fight all that matters is your own survival. Of course, only ever target these vital areas if your life is in danger, but it's important you know them just in case. Your life may very well depend on it.

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