The Must-Have Firearms to Stock-Up on

The Must-Have Firearms to Stock-Up on
It’s no secret Americans are slowly being turned against guns. The general population is seeing tragedy after tragedy, almost every time the 6 o’clock news is turned on, and they’re starting to demand something be done. This tide is being felt in politics, and while there are groups of us pushing back, like the thousands of us who marched in Virginia at the end of January, there’s no question times are a changing. And it’s because of this shift, that I’m writing this article today. Because I know, when the SHTF we’re going to be left on our own. We’re going to be the ones who need to defend ourselves when the police, the army, and the general population are hungry, and demanding what’s rightfully ours. And without a means to fight back, well, you can quickly imagine what this is going to look like (hint: it’s not going to be any good for you at all, or me either for that matter). But I can tell you this, now’s the time to start stocking up on the firearms you actually need.

What’s happening to the gun laws?

In an attempt to curb mass shootings, or at least, limit the amount of damage one person can inflict on a crowd, the politicians are trying to push through some quite draconian changes to our gun laws (and they’re moving ahead quite fast in Virginia). Primarily, a total ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Trouble is, they’re looking to overturn decisions made decades ago. Today, since AR-style automatic weapons first came on the market back in the 60’s, there’s been an estimated 8-million of these bad boys sold. In the market, in the hands of the general population, just waiting to be used. And even if the laws change, making it harder to buy the ammunition or even the assault rifles, I won’t bet the safety of my family on the fact the guys who will actually use these weapons of war to do terrible things – that they’ll just give their assault rifles back. The ones who are going to get screwed with all this are the guys like you and me, who want to abide by the laws. We’re disarmed (at least as far as the boys in blue know). This is the crux of the issue, the changes they’re proposing will make us felons for having guns and accessories that are commonly available today. With that in mind, and assuming the tides of change don’t swing in our favor, there’s a few different firearms and accessories that may be worth sourcing now, before they’re impossible to buy if these changes go ahead.

AR-15s and other semi-automatic rifles

It’s quite clear the AR-15 is one of the most popular rifles in the United States and for good reason. It’s easily modifiable and simple to maintain, and despite what they tell you, they’re hardly ever used in homicides (handguns are more easily concealed, and what most criminals choose). Now is the time to buy the rifles you need for your weapons stockpile, so you can get out hunting effectively when the SHTF (and don't forget key bits of gear like rifle rests either).

Large capacity magazines

Another item on the chopping block is the magazine size. Most firearms in the United States can accommodate large capacity magazines, even law enforcement officers have 15 or 17 round magazines in their duty sidearms. The new laws would make these magazines illegal. Now I don’t know about you, but in a firefight, every time I reload is an opportunity for my opponent to gain the upper hand. I do not want to be reloading more than necessary, so I will be getting all of the magazines I need now, before you can no longer buy them.

Silencers and sound suppressors

In a similar line of thinking, suppressors are being targeted because they have the potential to quiet gunshots and give someone with bad intentions a better ability to go unnoticed. But if you’ve ever shot with a suppressor you know you can’t really silence a gun. The sound is unmistakable, and these particular devices are already heavily regulated and quite difficult to obtain already. But in a disaster, being able to go hunting without your shots ringing clear over an entire valley is definitely a good thing, so I’d recommend equipping yourself with at least one of these as well, just in case. Of course, just buying these three is just the starts. Policymakers are also trying to tack on a bunch of other restrictive laws to this rising trend, that are going to make it much more difficult to buy the firearms you need to keep your family safe. Like making background checks on all firearm transactions a requirement (which makes person-to-person deals far harder), and the reinstatement of a law previously thrown out, where we could only buy one handgun a month. These kinds of checks are not going to stop the determined, or the criminals. It simply makes it harder for working class people like us to arm and protect our families. Oh, and there’s also the one giving law enforcement officers the ability to take your guns away if “they believe” you’re an immediate threat to yourself, or others. Now, I don’t know about you, but these are some pretty draconian limitations that are being planned, and while they may not all make it to law, you can bet there will be changes coming. We’ve seen it already… Remember the bump stocks? If you don’t know what these are, it’s a replacement for the standard stock on your rifle, allowing you to use the recoil from a shot to rapidly accelerate your firing rate. Effectively turning a semi-automatic weapon into one that fires like a machine gun. Perfect if you need to defend yourself against a group of people, but as of now, owning one puts you at risk of breaking the federal gun laws. What’s going to be taken away from us next? My advice, stock up on the firearms you need to keep your family safe now, before it’s too late.

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