Seven Ways to become Harder to Kill

Seven Ways to become Harder to Kill
In a crisis, things will get bad, really quick. I like to think I'm prepared and I've got all possibilities covered, but I know it's foolish to even think this. You never really know what's going to happen, and that's a scary thought. It may take a couple of weeks for your area to bounce back. Heck, it might even be a couple of months. And that's when things get downright dangerous. Because you're in a bad situation. With little chance of help coming your way, people will die. It's a fact. And once people start dying, you're now in a particularly desperate place. No one wants to die. But there's a few ways you can stay safe. Yes, even during a SHTF event. Adopt these techniques, and you'll be much harder to kill.

Start with your fitness

Taking care of yourself is the first step. If you're ever in a confrontation, the last thing you want is to get gassed as you're trying to fight back. Or find you're slower than your pursuers and you can't actually run to escape. If you want to become hard to kill, you need to get fit. Start with a program like the Couch to 5k, and get your body moving. The more you exercise, the fitter you'll become. And that'll give you the endurance, and confidence in your own abilities to survive.

Learn how to defend yourself

Being able to fight back is critical. When people decide they want what you have, and they come for it, you better know how to defend yourself. Sign up for a class in self-defense, or better yet, start attending a martial arts program. Brazilian Ju-Jitsu is fantastic to learn take-downs and grappling techniques, while Muay Thai is one of the fastest forms of striking. Krav Maga is another that I can recommend learning from personal experience. Oh, and remember to buy a pair of knuckle dusters so when you do land a punch, it takes your opponent down for good.

Be ready, willing and able to fire

More than hand to hand combat, you can expect that almost everyone who intends you harm in a SHTF situation will be armed. It's just the way it is. And if you want to stay alive, you need a firearm yourself. But not only that, you need to ensure you're able to use it in high-stress situations. Having a gun drawn on you will raise your heartbeat fast, so take some tactical shooting classes and get really comfortable with your gun. It needs to become a part of you, so you've no hesitation in taking down someone who intends you harm. I can bet they'll have no reservations shooting you.

Don't get into a routine

This is one of the hardest tactics on the list, as we humans all love a good routine. You need to change things up if you want to gain the edge over anyone watching you. Don't use the same route to get to and from work. Don't leave and arrive home at the same time. Don't eat lunch at the same restaurant each day. Learn to be spontaneous, even during a SHTF event, and you'll have the upper hand because those following you won't know where you'll turn up next.

Use the night for cover

The last thing you want to do in a crisis is to put yourself in harm's way, but maybe you're missing a key item in your survival stockpile. If you do need to venture out of the safety of your home, use the night to give additional cover. Especially in the last hours of night before dawn, when most people are sleeping. Venturing out at all is a risk, but if you can do it under the cover of night, there's less chance you're spotted by anyone intending you harm.

Be willing to move

There's a delicate balance when surviving a crisis. Staying put is usually the best strategy, but even if you love your home and your community, you need to be ready to move in the face of a disaster. Pack your go-bags and have a couple of options for vehicles as well as routes to take to escape the city and make it to your bug out location. The faster you can do this the better, as you're getting out of the danger zone and into an area where your chances of survival are far higher.

Don't be cocky

Finally, I just want to cover one last point. Many of the survivalists I know are cocky. They talk a big game, they shoot a lot of guns, and they like to think they are "all that" when it comes to prepping and survival. This attitude is what will get them killed. Thinking you're the top dog, or being overly aggressive or prideful will boost your ego, and put your life at risk when the SHTF. You need to be willing to accept help, to understand the dangers of the situation you're in, and for the love of god don't do anything that could make you a potential target. Cocky, show-offs will get what's coming to them, and it won't be surviving the crisis. Becoming harder to kill isn't rocket science. You need to take the time to hone your self-defense and firearms skills, but you also need to be aware of your surroundings. Because the best way to stay alive is to avoid any bad situations or people who may want to end your life. If you want to stay alive, adopt these tactics and you'll be well on your way to surviving a crisis.

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