Real ways to keep yourself Safe

Real ways to keep yourself Safe
No one likes feeling unsafe. Especially if you're short or of slight build, you'll going to appear to be the perfect victim that will be easily overpowered. The trick is to let your attacker underestimate you. You can put this to your advantage as they'll get careless, believing you're an easy mark when the reality is you're ready to fight back. Instead of being scared, you can gain an edge in the fight by standing up to them, and gain yourself a handful of seconds to fight back. Here's how to ensure you keep yourself safe

Learn how to diffuse a situation

Just because you're smaller than your opponent doesn't mean you need to let them walk over you. Be confident, and try to talk yourself out of whatever it is you've gotten yourself into. Your purse isn't worth your life, and while it may suck to hand it over, there are plenty of scenarios that could end up far worse. Be loud and strong with your voice, if they're used to preying on weak victims you may surprise them and get your opponent to back down.

Learn to defend yourself

If they don't it's time to fight back. Now remember, as soon as things get physical you've got to commit 100 percent. You may get hurt. You're trying to hurt your attacker. This is what you're trying to do, so go all in and make sure you're the one standing at the end. I started Muay Thai classes for two reasons. I get bored by simply running or lifting weights, and I also wanted to hone my ability to defend myself. After 6 months in a training camp in Thailand I'm by no means an expert, but I'm a damn sight fitter and much more confident now. Of course, you don't need to do anything this extreme, and no matter what your fitness level is, you'll be able to find a trainer and a class that meeds your needs. But it's the trainer that's key. Understand the methods they'll be using, as well as the successes they've had from the students they've taught. I'd much rather get fighting advice from someone who has crafted a handful of champions than from the guy who just graduated his Crossfit class.

Learn to shoot a gun

Having a firearm isn't the same as being comfortable with one, and one of the best ways you can get comfortable is to take a shooting course at your local range. You'll be taught how to safely handle your gun, any shortcomings it may have, and develop your accuracy and speed when using it. These are two traits you'll need should you ever be in a situation that demands you draw your weapon. Plus your local range may even have advanced courses, like how to clear your home when you suspect an intruders inside. I'm a regular down at my local range, and in addition to making some great friends, I've also found a couple of people to join my survivalist group which was a welcome surprise, and means I've got two more people I can rely on when the SHTF.

Learn to use alternative weapons

In addition to firearms, there are a whole range of self-defensive weapons you can use to give yourself an advantage over a larger opponent. Stun guns. Batons. Knives. Strike Pens. We've even got a new line of pepper spray in our store which is potent as hell. You want to stop an attacker in his tracks? Just give him a spray with this. But remember. These weapons will only help you if you're carrying them with you. Pepper spray is useless locked away in your office drawer or in the glove compartment in your car. Put it in your bag and ensure it's there and ready to use, whenever you need it.

Learn to think quickly

You've got to outsmart your opponent, and one of the best ways to do this is surprise. You'll only get one shot, so don't just rely on your fists. Grab something, anything, even if it's just your keys balled up in your fist before you start punching them in the eyes or neck. You'll do much more damage, and are more likely to finish the fight so you can escape. Just make sure you're hitting them as hard as you can. Or you know, you could always feign weakness and reach into your bag to give them your purse, reaching instead for your firearm. I wouldn't even pull it out, simply firing through the bottom of my bag.

Learn to keep your eyes open

Or as it's also known you need to develop situational awareness. The best way to keep yourself safe is to avoid putting yourself in any potentially dangerous situations in the first place. So instead of looking down, focused on your phone as you walk alone at night, look up. Keep your head on a swivel, and if an area feels unsafe, don't walk there. If someone is following you, head to a public place. Or hail a cab and get yourself out of there. The trick is to pay attention to the signs, and taking appropriate action so you're not caught in a trap. These six ways to keep yourself safe are fundamentals every survivalist should know. I'm actively teaching my wife and daughter these same techniques, because the world is no longer a safe place. People are out already, trying to take advantage of others, and this is just daily life. I hate to think how bad it's going to get if there was a disaster or a SHTF event. You need to know how to look after yourself, and stay safe, no matter what.

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