Protecting your home as a solo survivalist

Protecting your home as a solo survivalist

It’s not surprising that we survivalists are an individualistic bunch, and while being part of a larger community does have its benefits, there’s every chance you’re going to be all alone when the SHTF. Whether that’s from circumstances or your own choice, just because you live alone it doesn’t mean you need to become an easy target. Far from it.

But living alone does require you to think differently when it comes to defending what’s yours, and you need to put strategies in place that support your decision to live alone. Investing in the technology, supplies and defenses that turn you from a vulnerable target to a home they would never think to approach and attack.

Get a furry friend

There’s no question a second set of eyes and ears will do you a world of good, especially if you’ve got a breed that’s a little intimidating. Big dogs are a natural deterrent, but they’ll also be watching over your property too. Ours will race to whatever car is approaching our homestead, even if I’m on a different part of the property they’re always paying attention to their “bit of land” against any intruders. And at night, it’s reassuring to know I’m not alone either, they’ll wake first and let me know someone is approaching the house.

Get alarms setup

Professional security contractors will be able to outfit your home with all manner of alarms and sensors so you’re notified the second someone is trying to get through it. I’d highly recommend having these, the one that I’ve found on our property to be the best is the gate sensor. It triggers whenever a car comes in, and I get alerted on my smartphone. So I know the very minute someone crosses into my property, and they’re not sneaking up on me unawares. Especially if we’re too far for the dogs to notice.

Get cameras setup

At first, I thought this was overkill, but there’s a certain level of safety you feel when you can check a particular area at the click of a button. There’s cameras setup covering the approach to each part of my home, I think there’s about 8 or 10 devices now, and they also notify me whenever movement is detected. It’s just been the dogs so far, but in a real SHTF event, being able to see who is sneaking up on me, and from where, gives me a distinct upper hand in any confrontation as I can see what’s happening in the palm of my hand. 

Get lights setup

There’s a reason that criminals like to operate at night, and that’s because the cover of darkness gives them an edge. So take it away. I’ve put up spotlights that are both motion-detected and able to turn on with the flick of a switch, lighting up the entire area around my home as plain as day. That way I can check myself if I’m suspicious of a certain area, without waiting for the attacker to trigger the lights themselves when they move. It’s likely overkill, but we’re so isolated out here you need every advantage you can get. 

Get your home secure

Again, this is something you should have already done, but if not now is a great time to fortify your front and back doors, any windows, and even external access points like your garage. And remember to keep it all locked. There’s no point spending money to secure your home if you never bother to lock the doors behind you anyway. I’d also recommend building a safe room in your home that you can hide out in, or use it as a barrier while you escape to safety. The last thing you want it to be trapped in your home with the bad guys.

Get a drone

I’ve had a lot of fun with the drone I bought, and the ability to quickly check any points along my fence line. I keep it charged as it only gets about 20-25mins of flying time, and I can navigate it around the property if I’m wanting to see a certain area. Having visibility is key if you’re facing an opposing force, allowing you to get an idea of the number of people in the party, what weapons they have, and so on, so you can properly decide if fight or flight will be the best course of action as they head on up to your home.

Get a firearm

And not just any firearm at that. You want something that you can use against a determined group of attackers wanting access to your home. With gun regulations tightening with every passing year, my advice is to start buying the firearms you need now so you’re not left in a lurch against the looters coming to raid your home. I’ve got a wide assortment of different rifles, handguns, shotguns, and more than my fair share of ammunition for each of the guns too, hidden around my home using mounts like these. It may just be me they’re coming for, but they’ll be up against an army of firepower.

Get your foxholes

Finally, and this is important too. But you need the ability to safely fire at whoever is trying to approach your home without putting yourself in danger. Or at least, minimizing the risk you’re in during a firefight. You need foxholes to shoot from, whether that’s from a window surrounded by thick brick walls, or a way to get into the attic and shoot from your roof without exposing yourself. Build these now, so you’re ready to defend what’s yours.

I forget where I read it, but it always stuck with me. In a real crisis, being trapped on a homestead with the bad guys is an experience you never want to live out. Because help may not even come, and there is no one close enough to help. When you’re alone, you need to ensure you’ve got a means to defend yourself, and keep yourself safe no matter what.

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