The Little Known Items you need to Start Stocking-Up on

The Little Known Items you need to Start Stocking-Up on
The coronavirus pandemic has ground the country to a halt, and it’s to be expected that things are going to continue to worsen, before we see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now, despite the distinct lack of toilet paper on the shelves, there’s a few other items that you may not have considered stocking up on to prepare for a continued lockdown. Of course, basics like the masks you’re now recommended to wear, along with the food you normally eat is a given, and even the hand sanitizer is all a given. You should have these things already, and if you don’t – I’d highly recommend getting these first. But once you’re done there’s a few little-known items you should be stocking up on now, just in case this crisis goes on a little longer than everyone expects that it will.

Fuel for your vehicles

Stocking up on fuel, oil and coolant now can help you prevent problems down the road, if we’re to see statewide lockdowns and supply lines affected. But you can’t just throw a bunch of gas into a 44-gallon drum and be done with it, make sure you add the right stabilizers so it will keep for a prolonged period, and still be good to use. You want to keep your car (and generator) running for as long as possible, right?

Plenty of alcohol

We’ve already seen countries around the world start placing restrictions on the sale of liquor, in order to curb the social elements that spread the virus. It’s worthwhile fully stocking your bar now, to ensure you’re ahead of any changes to the rules that may limit your ability to enjoy a glass of wine or a nice whiskey once the day is done. And many types of liquor will last years on the shelf, so there’s no reason not to stockpile them.

Water and filters

Right now, there is still water coming out of the taps, but I would be filling up your tanks and your local supply just in case. You never know what will happen if the purification plant gets shutdown, and being able to use and purify your own water could mean you’ve got a supply when everyone else is racing to the stores and fighting over the last bottles so they have something to drink, water is a must for staying alive (and staying sanitary).

Firewood for winter

We’re all hoping it won’t last this long, but the world’s not seen a crisis like this before, so it really is hard to know what to expect. If you’re heating your home with gas or relying on the grid staying up for power, you may get a nasty shock in winter if this isn’t the case. I’d be stockpiling firewood now, so you’ve got an ample supply to keep your home warm once the temperature drops, or you’ve been unable to have someone come refill your gas tanks.

Your own solar kits

I’m a big fan of not being reliant on any other people, and one of my main concerns is the grid. Once people are sick, not going to work (or going on strike), I see a strong possibility that services we pay for will simply stop. Like your power. Start thinking about a setup now which will help you keep the lights on when there’s no power in the grid, solar is a big one that will payoff year after year in the decades to come. Invest in your own kit now.

Needs for your garden

With the growing season about to start, now is the time to get organized with your garden. Think about the seeds you need, and all of the fertilizers, sprays and treatments that you may need to make it through and grow your own produce. We’ve started work on a second greenhouse, and are putting our “self-isolation” time to the best use that we can, because I don’t think this will be over soon, and even if it is, the next pandemic will be shortly after.

Hunting and fishing supplies

Being able to put food on the table will make all the difference once you start rationing and stretching the food you have stockpiled, and you need the right gear and equipment to go hunting and fishing and ensure you are able to bring back a feed. It’s worth investing in the gear you will need now, to ensure you’re not stuck with an empty tackle box, or the calls, snares and scents you need for a hunt when the world starts getting hungry.

Home security items

More than just more ammunition for your firearms, now would be a good time to put in all those extra defenses you had in mind, just in case things get worse. Installing motion-activated lighting, external security cameras, and even getting a dog, can add another layer of protection around your home, and all the other supplies you have stockpiled.

Plastic sheeting and duct tape

If you need to quarantine someone at home, you’re going to need a setup that doesn’t put the health of your family at risk. Constructing a makeshift quarantine room out of plastic sheeting and duct tape is one option, when the hospitals start turning people away. Just make sure you have plenty of disinfectant, you can safely isolate someone in your house, (even with the airflow) and as you assist them you’re not cross-contaminating any surfaces.

Education and entertainment

Many kids have been out of school for several weeks, and in any long-term crisis you’re going to need age-appropriate ways to keep up with their studies. Board games, cards, puzzles, and books will help too, ensuring you’ve got ways to interact and engage. Think about activities and ways to continue their schooling, so they don’t fall behind with their education even while the whole world has come to a stop. Instead of racing to the store to stock up on toilet paper and beans, it’s important to think about the bigger picture, and ensure you’ve got what you need to survive a long-term crisis.

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