Swim Like a Fish: Why Use Hard Segmented Lures?

Swim Like a Fish: Why Use Hard Segmented Lures?

Design and Benefits

When trying to understand different sorts of lures, we usually think about what the lures look like from a distance, up close and of course how it moves. Segmented lures have the benefit of breaks along the body of the lure, causing striking and shifting in the water. This helps as fish feel these sensations on their lateral line, drawing their interest and hopefully a bite. A key benefit of a segmented lure over other non-segmented swimbaits is the action of the joints moving themselves: many are fitted with built-in rattles, making enough continuous sound to draw potential bites from a fish a distance away from you. Color in the body of the lure helps when fishing in different circumstances, as does the color and effect coming off eyes. Fishing lures with realistic 3D eyes are going to catch the eye of bigger fish from afar and will only help you get your catch closer to you.

Natural Movement

As fish bodies move side to side as they swim, a lure designed to best replicate this when moving through the water will always be helpful when angling, particularly with fast-moving species like bass, perch and trout. This isn’t to say segmented lures have to look fish-like: there are numerous designed to look like frogs, rodents etc to suit different sorts of fish.

Pause and Sink

While the movement of a lure is most important as an attractant, ensuring even weight distribution of the lure is also important for when you pause, because a lure that suddenly seems lifeless to the fish may cause your catch to let go and flee as you try to retrieve it.  Predatory fish tend to have eyes towards the tops of their heads and hunt from beneath their prey so the lure looking lively as it moves and slows at it stops will be appealing for your catch.

All Sizes

Segmented lures do come in a variety of sizes despite the misconception that they’re all made to be large. Given they can be as small as a couple of inches you can target a swathe of different fish.

When to Use

The Why is most important but the When to use segmented lures is also worth thinking about. They’re good for casting and many anglers will swear by them but they thrive when drawn through weeds or up into shallower water. Getting the most out of the natural-looking sway as they ‘swim’ through vegetation only further assists in drawing fish in.

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