Tactical Headset Cover

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Tactical Headset Cover (2275-HSTCVRB)


Made from Military Grade 1000D Nylon, this means that it will be sturdy/durable and long lasting. Not only are they wear resistant they are also SUPER EASY to clean!. With 1/10"Inch of Military grade foam and spacing it is comfortable to wear as well!

One-Of-A-Kind Design

With a industry-leading double D-ring loop for hanging the headset off and incorporating the loop band to be used with the flag patch. There has also been updates to the non-stick Hook & Loop fastener design, leading to installation and use becoming faster and more comfortable.


It is quite simple, flatten the ear pads on the headset then wrap the cover around the band. Starting this at one end and making your way towards the opposite end.


Another industry defining difference between us and our competitors, is that the cover is multi use. You can use this as a shoulder-strap on most of our bags and duffels or a carrying handle for our bags and duffels!

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