Self-Defense Stinger

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This stainless steel Self-Defense Stinger is designed to give you the edge over an attacker. When used effectively it multiplies the impact force, giving you more damaging blows to defend yourself against an attacker.

Discreet, lightweight and easy to carry, providing confidence and a sense of security in unpredictable situations. Also doubles as a multifunctional EDC tool featuring a bottle opener, wrench and screwdriver.


Materials: Stainless Steel Self-Defense Stinger + Keychain Loop
Color: Silver
Size: 3.54" x 2.36" x 0.16" (9cm x 6cm x 0.4cm)
Weight: 1.3oz (36g)
Functions: Self-defense and also functions as a useful EDC tool.

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Customer Reviews

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Edwin Jewett
Oh, yeah, okay... I remember now

Item is effective, if you can remember where you left it and you can get to it in a hurry. One hard torso strike would slow down any assailant without gun or knife. On a lanyard tight to the wrist under your sleeve, this could drop down into your palm quickly and stealthily. My own sense of self-defense is that this is a tool to create and enable the space and time for your next move. This is delightful, but cannot stand alone without other tools and techniques.