Pro-Elastic Rubber Bands

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If you've recently made a purchase of our rubber band gun or just want some high-quality rubber bands.. This is the spot!

These elastic bands utilize medical grade elasticity to ensure you get the most power per shot with your Rubber Band Gun!

These will be sure to blast away any poor targets that are in your way!

Looking for the perfect upgrade to your Metal Rubber Band Gun? 

Of course you are!

Well here it is! These "Pro-Elastic" Bands will make sure you get the highest shot power, damaging power and distance available.

These "Pro-Bands" come in packs of x100, this leaves you with enough bands to have your own little WW3 with any sized plastic platoon of soldiers. 

These "Pro-Bands" need to be going hand in hand with your purchase of the Metal Rubber Band Gun, reach your weapons full potential and feel like a Pro!

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