Premium Large Hammock

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Premium Large Hammock (HMKPRG)


SUPER SMALL - The hammock folds in a super small size, making is easy to carry.

LIGHTWEIGHT - It is made from lightweight materials this makes it perfect accessory for LONG outdoor backpacking treks.

Cost-effective - When you purchase the hammock itself you also get TWO FREE hammock Ropes and TWO FREE Black carabiners (cannot be used for Climbing) in the package!

The carry bag is very high quality and durable due to its super-tough stitching, so you don't need to worry about the anything in the bag!

High Quality Nylon - Our hammocks are made of high quality parachute nylon and it is strong enough to bear two average adults

Single hammock rated at 330lbs-440lbs

Double hammock rated at 440lbs-550lbs.

Easy-Clean and Quick-Dry Material - Our hammocks can be easily washed by hand and will dry quickly. So even if it rains, it will be dry after several minutes of Sun exposure.

Favoured by many - It is popular among Survivalists. Preppers, Outdoors People and Camping Enthusiasts.

All the accessories can be fitted conveniently into one integrated stuff sack, making it portable and easy to pack for all your outdoor adventures or just chilling out in your garden.


*Fly Blocker Not Included*

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