Premium Ankle Gun Holster

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Premium Ankle Gun Holster (766-ANKGUN)

This Premium Ankle Gun Holster is the type that is commonly used by our Police and Armed Forces. So you really do know you can depend on it!


Read on for the stand-out features of the holster!

Ankle Gun Holsters are one of the most classic ways to conceal carry a handgun, they have been around one way or another since handguns became popular.
Ankle Gun Holsters have gotten better; they've become more capable, more comfortable, and safer. Today is all about the preimum Ankle Gun Holster!
This holsters offer both impeccable security and comfort. The holster boasts universal sizing, anti-slip tech and a V-shaped gun holder!
Those features are usually seen in Holsters costing over $90!
It's a simple design that hasn't changed since we sold the first one, because it works SO DAMN WELL!
This ankle rig is very compact and affordable and perfect for anyone who wants a taste of America's top rated Ankle Gun Holster.
  • ​Feel Safe Wherever You Go
  • Comes with a Conceal Strap...
  • ​Lightning Fast Silent Quick Draw
  • ​Universal Fit All Sizes
  • Incredibly Comfortable
  • ​Made from High Strength Nylon
  • ​Never Slip Technology
  • ​Ambidextrous Design, Use it on Any Leg
  • V-Shaped Gun Holder, Gun Will Not Skid Or Bounce
  • ​Fits Any Carry Pistol!
  • Super Easy Release Function
  • Made From Incredibly Breathable Materials


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