Patriots Plan Pandemic Survival (eBook)

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Pandemic. What is it? According to the dictionary, it's a disease epidemic that spreads spreads across a very large geographical area.

That's an apt description, but what does that mean? When you boil it down, it essentially means danger. It means a deadly threat that you cannot see, touch or feel... Until you have it.

To be more specific, in the modern age, when we talk about pandemic, we are talking specifically about an Influenza, or Flu Pandemic. Where does flu come from? How did it all start? Is there a cure?

In this guide, I will address these questions, and many other related issues.

The first part of this guide talks a bit about influenza and the history of flu pandemics. I know- when it comes to history, many readers will suppress a yawn, and skip over it. I implore you not to do so. History is not only interesting, but can teach us many valuable things about our future.

It's possible- likely even- that by knowing a little bit more about the past, you will be far better equipped to deal with that future.

This information contained in this guide is the result of many years of research and study. I cannot guarantee (no one can) that you will not fall victim to a future pandemic by reading this guide...

What I can guarantee is that you WILL be far better prepared in the event that it happens and I urge you to take to heart the knowledge that I will impart to you herein.


This is a non-physical book, you will be given a download link upon purchase.

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