Pandemic Survival: After the Pandemic (eBook)

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Statistically speaking, Human Civilization is way past due for another Global Pandemic. As a necessary companion to my Guide to Surviving the Next Pandemic, I have also compiled this manual to give you the valuable information to help you navigate the chaos that will surely follow the inevitable global contagion that we will likely face in our lifetimes.

The single, indispensable, absolutely most important thing you must keep in mind... preparation.

Once a pandemic breaks out in our population; if you haven't prepared, if you haven't utilized the tips contained in this will be too late.

Consider this: In order to survive, humans need food, water and shelter (and perhaps, to a lesser degree, energy for heat or light).

You've no doubt seen news footage of hurricanes or other natural disasters? Seen how the reports show mobs of people immediately descending upon their local store, which sells out of bottled water, canned goods, etc, in a matter of hours?

And that's just in one geographical area.

Now imagine the same scene being played out, but this time, all around the world. Necessary staples like food and water will be gone almost instantly as panicked mobs scoop up every last available bit. And unlike a scenario involving a local disaster (where plenty more food and water would be available in a few days from neighboring communities) people will be doing this everywhere. There won't be any more food. There won't be any more water- at least not for a while.

So If you haven't prepared. If you haven't stockpiled some of the basic necessities for you and your families' are putting your lives at risk.

I will begin by detailing he most basic preparations you need to make. Later in the manual, I will reveal both further strategies and long-term considerations.


This is a non-physical book, you will be given a download link upon purchase.

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