LED Headlight

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LED Headlight (LEDHEAD)



This LED Headlight is super portable and has been designed with your satisfaction in mind. 

It is powered using a rechargeable USB connection battery pack. It is very high strength and will be helping you see clearer, no matter the environment.

With its patented double switch design, you can change modes with the simple wave of a finger.

It hosts a high capacity rechargeable battery, offering long lasting power for safer outdoors occasions 

Realistically, the headlight can be used for any activity, however most users are outdoorsman, survivalists, hunters and preppers. 

Instructions on use: 

1. The Finger Induction Headlight, When your hand is within 6in to the headlight it will turn on, when you finger leaves that area it will then turn off.

2. The Headlight contains the battery and the USB cable that comes in the box is the charger for it.

3. There are two modes, inductive (finger sensor on/off mode) and Switch button.

4. Modes for Switch button: High/Mid/Low/Flashing( Press and hold for 2 seconds to enter the flashing mode)


The headlight is water resistant, but cannot be used while swimming.

Weight: 1.8oz

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