Laser Sight

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Laser Sight (812-LSRSGT)


Class IIIA laser, less than 5mW.

2 sets batteries (Comes with 6 AG3 batteries) which can last two hours.

Higher Accuracy Windage and elevation are adjustable. The small adjustment hole on the top is for elevation adjustment(adjust up/down). The other one on the side is for windage adjustment (right/ left).

High quality: Made of high quality aluminium alloy, the sight laser is not only durable, but also shockproof. If something happens to it, just send the product back to get the full refund or a new replacement.

Easy to install :Comes with detachable rail mount, easily and conveniently mounted.

This laser sight can be mounted on any firearm with a picatinny or weaver rail.

Also, if you don't like the product or if something happens to it, please return it for a full refund or we will send you a new one.

Package Includes:

1x Red Dot Laser Sight
1x Rail Wrench
1x Battery Wrench
1x Windage/Elevation Adjustment Wrench
6 X AG3 (Included)