Instinct Based Combat Shooting (eBook)

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Hi everyone. My name is Craig Bryant.

I'm a U.S. Special Forces veteran, and in this guide I'll be showing you through the basic techniques and training methods I used to become the weapons and sniper operations expert in my core.

Because there's no point even owning a firearm unless you're able to handle it effectively.

And it's never been a more important skill.

All over the news we hear horror stories of public massacres, and horrible situations where ordinary people failed to protect the ones they loved from an act of terror.

I truly believe every American has the right to defend themselves and their families. Because as the world descends into chaos there's one fundamental truth.

The strong will take from the weak.

Whether it's a shooter on a rampage or a couple of thugs after your purse, every American deserves to know what to do to regain control of the situation, and eliminate the threat.

Which is what brings us here today.

The Instinct Combat Shooting program I've developed will not only build your confidence with a firearm, you'll also learn the fundamental techniques you need in order to shoot accurately, again and again.

I topped my class in marksmanship, and spent years after my service working as a personnel security specialist in some of the most dangerous areas in the middle east.

Today, you're going to benefit from my years of training as I condense everything I've learnt in my career into a single guide. From this point onwards, you'll be walked through each technique with a detailed lesson and training guide, so you can master every technique yourself.

Right. Ready? Let's get into it.


This is a non-physical book, you will be given a download link upon purchase.

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