EVATAC 316SS Mil-Spec Thermos Water Bottle

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Evatac's Thermos is the perfect accessory to bring on any outdoor adventure. Its design allows it to be used for hiking, camping or just during a long workout session at the gym and thanks to its vacuum insulation technology your drink will stay hot up 12 hours and cold for up to a whole 24 hours!

This water bottle is made for any adventure. It's waterproof, insulated, and has a 316 marine grade stainless steel exterior that makes it durable against bumps or falls!

The Evatac Thermos is an innovative water bottle, and it has a great one handed operation. Once you lock in your beverage of choice with its quick lock lid seal you know it is never leaking. It also has a built-in strainer and infuser which means you can put your tea leaves or fruit pieces inside the bottle for an iced tea infusion that will keep cool all day long.

Since this product doesn't leak at any time during normal use (and if it does just let us know!), there's no need to worry about spilling when carrying or running with this bottle...


Material: 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
Colour: Black
Insulation: 12 Hours Hot/24 Hours Cold
Size: 600ml
BPA and Toxin Free

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