RL350 Evatac Laser Sight

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This high tech laser targeting system will transform your shooting skills giving you deadly accuracy! It allows you to acquire targets lightening-fast (even from the hip) and can double your accuracy almost instantly!

Get 20/20 sharpshooter precision, even if your eyesight isn't what it used to be or you wear glasses. Once you've mounted this tactical laser to your gun it's almost impossible to miss your shot!


  • Instantly improve your aim
  • ​​Works on any type of gun with a weaver rail or picatinny rail.
  • ​Highest legal laser beam sight
  • ​Made 100% from lightweight aircraft grade aluminium
  • ​​Incredibly accurate wide-range wind direction and height adjustments
  • ​​"Quick flick" on / off paddle switch super fast operation
  • ​Over 350 yard range
  • ​Machined to Pert
  • ​Extreme working temperature 10°f-115°f
  • ​​Stealth shadow black color


Materials: Aluminium Alloy
Color: Black
Length: 1.18" (30mm)
Weight: 1.01oz (28.6g)
Range: Over 1000ft (Over 320m)
Laser Class: IIIa
Max Output Power: < 5mW
Wavelength: 625-650nm

Suitable For: Any type of firearm including rifles, shot guns, handguns, BB guns and paintball guns - fitted with either a Weaver or Picatinny rail (20mm).
Includes: Tactical laser sight, 1 x rail wrench, 1 x battery wrench, 1 x windage/elevation adjustment wrench and 6 x batteries (includes a BONUS set FREE - because it's always a good idea to have a backup!).

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Nagy
RL350 Evatac Laser Sight Review

The RL350 Evatac Laser Sight is well made and I have attached it to my CO2 pistol. My intention is to use it on vermin around the property. In low light situations, I can’t see the iron sights fast enough to align them on the target. Therefore, I aligned the pellet to strike the center of the laser dot at six feet, about the maximum distance for my CO2 pistol.

The sight clamps onto the pistol well. My problem was in sighting-in the laser dot. At first, the dot was high and to the right of the iron sight alignment. This is due to a spring pushing on the laser tube at a 45 degree angle. The elevation and windage screws push against the tube moving it into alignment with the iron sights.

The tricky part is turning the Allen wrench clockwise or counterclockwise to move the dot up/down, left/right. At first, they are quarter turns or more to get the dot moved close to the sight alignment. Then they are very minimal adjustments to get the dot and the impact point to coincide. I made a chart for reference as I enjoy confusing myself trying to remember which screw that I had last turned, which way, and by how much.

After aligning the laser for the first time and shooting a couple dozen pellets, I noticed the impact point had moved to the right of the laser dot. The two adjustment screws are very small and not very tight. I put some minimum strength Loc-Tite on them to hold them in place (let’s not talk about warranties) and started over.

For my purpose, the RL350 Evatac Laser Sight is a cost-effective solution and I am enjoying shooting my pistol even more.