Electric Slug and Pest Fence (eBook)

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Ask any gardener- It's very frustrating to do all the work, have a nice, beautiful garden full of fresh green shoots- and to come out the very next day, and find your entire garden GONE!

Slugs, snails, etc., absolutely LOVE the fresh, tender leaves on your plants. Not only that, but they love mature plants just as much.

Now, it seems when to comes to garden slugs, people have as much advice and as many “cures” as they do for hiccups- Everyone recommends something different.

A few of these slug remedies include dishes of beer, or sugar water placed about your garden. A moat around your garden. One solution I read about advised a trough of salt surrounding your garden beds. There's only one problem with these “solutions”...

They all kill the slugs.

Believe me, as a gardener who has experienced having a garden destroyed by slugs in a single night, perhaps you might ask, “so what?” One might even derive a bit of satisfaction by killing the little buggers that killed your garden. But not only does this approach run counter to the spirit of organic gardening, it produces other adverse consequences as well.

Birds, frogs and other important species eat slugs. These animals also consume other pests that can harm your garden as well. Beetles especially. I would recommend that keeping the slugs out of your garden with non-lethal means is by far the more preferred method.

Besides, if you've ever had to clean the gross, slimy mess left behind by a dead slug, you'll definitely try to avoid having to do so again!

This following guide will show you how to keep the snails and slugs away, easily, inexpensively, and most important; effectively.

This is a non-physical book, you will be given a download link upon purchase.

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