Defensive Dragon Chain Bracelet

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Hand Bracelet Dragon Defensive Chain

A hand bracelet is an accessory that one wears daily or on special occasions. They can also serve as a defensive weapon depending on their construction. As such, this Defensive Dragon Bracelet Chain is both for your security and an accessory.

You Can Never Be Too Safe

The times are trying, and you have the right to protect yourself at all costs. Anything could happen unexpectedly such as an assault even at places where there are people. Certain characters are getting bolder and bolder each day looking for individuals to rob, or worse. When you’re heading out alone, any protection should be on your person. There are devices in the market available for the masses nowadays such as keychain alarms, small tactical weaponry and more. However, there are times that you need something more when your assailant proves to be quite persistent. Loud alarms can only do so much and may go unnoticed by people. Tasers can do physical harm but may not necessarily incapacitate a person who wants to harm you. Tactical items are too small and may prove useless unless you understand how to take advantage of its defensive features fully.

What Makes A Defensive Chain Different

A defensive chain on its own is easy to use. You may wrap it around your fist to give punches more force. You can fold it in half and flail it on your target to cause enough severe damage. Holding the chain tightly on each end with your hands can help block melee attacks such as when your attacker is holding a baseball bat. If you’re skilled and fast enough, you may use it to wrap around your attacker and flip him to the ground. This box chain comes in either silver or a combination of gold and silver with a dragon head at one end. Wrap it around your wrist and secure like a bracelet or keep it on your car dashboard.


Size: (approx.) 
Diameter: 8 mm/ 0.31 in ;  10mm/0.39in
Length: 101+6cm/ 39.76+2.36 in

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