Punisher Skull Knuckle

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Punisher Skull Knuckle (1782-KNUKSKL)



"Multiply Your Punching Power!"
This badass Punisher Skull Keyring makes a perfect every day self defense carry!

Known as a "1 Finger Knuckle Duster" this is used as a defensive and offensive weapon The Punisher Skull Knuckle is hardcore fighting tool designed to improve punching power to create ultra destructive blows when needed!

The design forces more pressure to a smaller point ultimately increases damage.


    • Perfect EDC Defense Key-Chain


    • ​Discreet yet Damaging!


    • ​Punisher Skull Design


    • ​Maximize Your Punching Power!


    • ​Solid Metal Construction!


    • ​Extra Large Finger Holes (Universal)


    • ​Black Shadow Chrome Finish


    ​Stainless And Rust Proof

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