USB Charging Hub

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USB Charging Hub (2282-USBCHG)


With this 4 port, you can plug in all of your devices. No more worries; this multiport gives you additional ports to meet all of your needs. The international USB was designed for the most popular devices—MacBook, raspberry pi, Smart TV, Nvidia Shield TV and many others

The USB cable gives you a faster charge than most of the USB chargers on the market. Thanks to the industry leading multi USB Adapter, you can now charge your mobile device from 0% to 100% in as short of a time as 2 hours

  • The Data Hub lets you transfer HD Movies in no time; this USB hub has super speed
  • The unique-looking small USB hub has been made with love; it has a great design. This multiport will make sure your devices are always charged; it works in tandem almost all devices. All you need to do is plug it into your device
  • With this universal adapter in your office, home or car. You will never need to be worries about running out of USB ports.

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