Folding Gut Skinning Hook Knife for Fishing, Camping or Hunting

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Folding Gut Hook Knife for Fishing, Camping or Hunting


This is a Folding Gutting and Skinning Knife supplied by Ape Survival. It combines a very beautiful and visible handle grip with a 3CR13 Stainless Steel which is world renowned for its toughness and durability. 

That means this is a knife that will last for years to come throughout your adventures.

This is a great choice for gutting fish and skinning animals and is quite a great all-rounder blade.

It comes with a rear clip so you can easily attach this to your backpack , keychain or belt.

This knife easily opens with a press of a button and a flick of the wrist.



Colors: Orange, Black or Green

Blade Color: Silver

Blade Material: 3CR13 Steel

Opened Length: 4.25in (10.8cm)

Blade Length: 1.1in (2.8cm)

Handle Length: 2.48in (6.3cm)

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